A rainy day at Skyline Park

Skyline Park

With Bernd, his mother and his cousin we went to the Skyline Park in Bad Worishöfen. This park belongs to the showman family Löwenthal and so it is no wonder that the park has some former travel attractions in the park.


One car of such an attraction is located above the entrance of the park, the others are still doing their laps of the Schwarzkopf roller coaster Achterbahn. As usual for big Wildcat roller coasters, the ride is a lot of fun. If you ride it in continuous rain, all the more. Unfortunately we left the park a bit too early, otherwise we would have probably experienced a rollback and got stuck.

Formel 1

A rather strange attraction can be seen right at the entrance of the park. SBF Visa’s Formel 1 is basically a kart track with bumper cars. However, they are quite difficult to control, so that the races are not that easy. In addition to this, you can drive in the typical bumper car manner and play with unfair means. A great fun for the whole family!

Skyline Express

In addition to some playground equipment that can be attributed to the previous park history, such as some rides from the Heege product catalogue, there is also a double Bavarian curve from BHS in this area, as can also be found in Hansa Park as El Paso Express. Strangely enough, the lifting mechanism on the cars in the Skyline Express doesn’t work as well, which is why half of the train stays open and thus enjoys a very interesting ride experience.

Cinematrix 4D

Following Bernd we went into a strange mine with various obstacles, which ended in a room with two rather strange looking devices. In this simulator a space movie was shown, which was relived twice thanks to an emergency stop. Unfortunately this emergency stop was almost before the end of the movie and after a second time not only Bernd was feeling sick. Unfortunately the film does not fit at all into the mine design of the waiting area in front of the simulator.

Swimming Pool

In order to relieve the body a little, the wave swinger was tested, which is located next to the park’s own outdoor pool. Tends to be a good idea, but it wouldn’t hurt to extend it a little bit and create the first German summerland with a fully-grown outdoor pool.

Sky Fall

The park has a very beautiful and originally designed corner with its amazingly long, fast and well planned bobkart track. The Fabbri Jungle Jack Sky Fall, which is a bit off the beaten track, also benefits from this. This machine rides so crazy that it is bloody good. An airtime orgy is guaranteed, as well as a fresh smile on your face.

Sky Rider

In the immediate vicinity there is a truly unique roller coaster, the Sky Rider. Rotating, swinging gondolas and a vertical lift characterise the ride, as do the missing friction wheels inside the station. Accordingly, the ride is quite ingenious and towards the end of the ride, the swinging is also not to be underestimated.

Pirateninsel and Sky Twister

The Sky Wheel attracts from far away, but to get to the roller coaster made in Munich you have to pass a special feature. A field, which is surrounded by an amusement park. Here in the second part of the park you can also find a bumper car, which was built from two different bumper cars, the Sky Circle, which is built year after year somewhere else, the log flume Pirateninsel, which you can also ride backwards, as well as the former Heide-Park Condor, which is called Sky Twister.

Sky Wheel

The Sky Wheel itself is a roller coaster experience that is quite difficult to describe. The moment before you are relieved from the elevator upside down, there is a strange feeling in your stomach, which returns to normal with the first roll. It is followed by a descent with wonderfully high centrifugal forces in the valley before you rush backwards through the valley again shortly afterwards. A braking in vertical position follows before you either return to the station or get up again. Compared to the longer version in Madrid, the ride is better just because of the backwards part.

Closing Words

Another special feature of the Skyline Park are the many lakes, all of which are themed after pirates. This may convince especially at the ship swing Alte Liebe and many other attractions, but the park itself moves between a very well themed amusement park and a classic fun fair. In any case, the Skyline Park is worth a visit.


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