Demonic flights through the Lüneburg Heath

Flug der Dämonen


When Heide Park decided to close its second log flume, which suffered more and more from various failures, in favour of a big novelty two years later, the cry of regular park visitors was big, because the senseless bumbling around on the higher level of the ride was considered by many as a thematic highlight in the park. The only thing that will be missed is the final shot and the wave that might hit the boat towards the end of the ride, as well as the miners and Saxon card players. The discontinuation of the Wildwasser II, however, created an unfavourable scenario for the attractions that were on the mountain, because there was no reason to climb it at all, or rather hardly any reason to do so. This circumstance has now been compensated for by the Flug der Dämonen (Flight of the Demons) and improved by using the lower entrance of the former water ride, so that you no longer have to climb the mountain completely just to descend it again entirely. By using the old queue it was also possible to establish the first real English style queue in the Heide Park. Just like in the amusement parks of the same group on the island it takes a while until you have left it behind and have to decide between the two sides of the wing coaster.

This choice does not tend to be easy, but it becomes unnecessary once both sides have been tested. The spacious station has room for quite a lot of people, but is only entered by counted groups, so that there is hardly any free choice of seats. This is also the first interesting novelty of the ride, as the luggage rack is quite well solved and works better than any other kind of storage.

The Ride

Flug der Dämonen begins with a slight right turn, after which the steep lifthill is quickly completed. Now follows the meanwhile for this type of roller coaster proven way to start the descent, whereupon you plunge headfirst into the abyss. At some places you are accelerated in a very interesting way, which creates a thrilling ride feeling. As a result, in the valley, there is a lot of pressure in the seat. Then, the west-like and very tight restraining system prevents the rider from enjoying any negative forces on the following hill. After passing under the cleverly placed shop at the exit of the ride, one passes through an element that was already used for the Krake, but which is more interesting to ride through here, although the riding position, at least at the outer places of the trains, is similar to the Krake. Another powerful valley later, one is turned upside down with revolutionary thoughts, because the role, possibly known from the Eurostar roller coaster, is hit here. A little more leisurely, the car now makes a turn along the station of the bobsleigh run to send the passenger carrier back down to the abyss. With higher speed one approaches the next inversions of the ride, which optically resemble a pretzel at an angle. Here you are turned around your own axis relatively quickly and then in a steeper curve you have to fight your way up again to explore the Heide Park upside down again. After another valley the train makes an almost too steep bavarian curve to transition into the brakes, where you can enjoy the view of the station and the gyro drop Scream for a while.

Conclusion Flug der Dämonen

Unlike The Swarm, the Flug der Dämonen is a roller coaster that you can ride on both sides without worrying about too much difference in quality of the ride, although in my opinion the right side of the train is better. Also, you won’t need to ride backwards for the next few years to make the ride more exciting, because The Flight of the Demons is an extremely solid and great steel roller coaster. Of course, you won’t notice any of the advertised close calls, but this shouldn’t really surprise anyone, because also at Thorpe Park this only happened after the installation of the billboard, which really enhanced the ride. Despite this background, the new roller coaster of the Lueneburg Heath doesn’t really need this, as the ride convinced all along the line.

Pictures Heide Park 2008-2014


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