Kijima Kogen Park

Theme Park:Kijima Kogen Park (since 2012)
Centleisure Kijima Kogen Park
(2008 - 2011)
Kijima Korakuen Amusement Park
(1992 - 2007)
Kijima Kogen Family Park (1982 - 1991)
Kijima Motopia Land (1967 - 1981)
Address:123−1 Kijima Kogen
Oita 874-0802
Operated by:Kijima Kogen Operations Co., Ltd.

Gold Rush • Roller Coaster • Kijima Kogen ParkKijima Kogen Park (城島高原パーク)  just above the Onsen city of Beppu in Ōita is one of the most beautiful theme parks in the country. Starting out as a small go-kart track, the predecessor of the amusement park was created in 1967. With the longest go-kart track in Japan at that time, new visitors were quickly attracted to the high plateau. With time, further additions followed and by the time the first wooden roller coaster of the country was built, the park was on everyone’s lips.

The amusement park offers a large number of family-friendly rides, all embedded in a beautiful park landscape. Thanks to its location, the park also offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. A special attraction – which should not be missed – is the small foot onsen, which is a great benefit for the feet; but be careful, the small spring here is quite hot. Meanwhile, one can cool down in the Ice World, a walk-in freezer cooled down to -20°C with a wonderfully arranged theme world.

Super LS Coaster • Meisho Looping Coaster • Kijima Kogen ParkFun Fact #1: Jupiter is the first wooden roller coaster in the country and also one of the last of its kind.

Fun Fact #2: The park’s Ferris wheel offers two different types of gondola: One classic and one with free-hanging feet with a view to the side.


Highlights of the Tivoli



Gold Rush

A blast of rollercoaster



Ice World

The beautiful freezer house




A large wooden roller coaster




A great free fall tower



Poseidon 30

The Shoot the Chute with the covered boats



Super LS Coaster

A classic looping roller coaster


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