Erlebnis-Rodelbahn Ruhla (2020)

After years of riding mountain coasters in Germany, I finally managed to come across a Mountain Coaster by Brandauer. In contrast to the more usual Alpine Coasters by Wiegand, the ride features a monorail style ride system – very similar to the Caripro roller coasters – whereby the cars are guided by a metal stripe welded on top of the pipe. The Brandauer system also allows for steeper descents, which is very frightening.

I arrived at the Erlebnis-Rodelbahn Ruhla shortly before its closing time and had to buy my token at the miniature park Mini-a-Thür right next to it. Shortly thereafter, I already started my ascent on the ride. Once at the top, the ride starts with a short right-hand bend before we immediately go downhill in a very steep manner, whereby we are simultaneously being guided through serpentines. Two large and steep jumps follow.  After this shocking moment, whereby we start to trim our velocity a bit, the track continuous in a more harmless serpentine fashion. Shortly before the end of the ride, we disappear into a forest and take a last steep curve into the brakes. This is the end of the short, but also very funny ride.

Erlebnis-Rodelbahn Ruhla • Brandauer Mountain Coaster


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Inselberg Funpark (2020)

The Inselberg Funpark not so far away from the Ski- und Rodelarena Wasserkuppe, is a Wiegand Erlebnisberg – a small showcase amusement park of the manufacturer Wiegand. Here you can find besides a classical luge, a Luna Loop and Nautic Jet by Heege, as well as the prototype of the Wie-Flyer Suspended Powered Coaster.

For many years, I wanted to give the Wie-Flyer a try, but sadly never found my way to this corner of Thuringia. Therefore, I missed to ride the ride with its original encaged vehicles. Nowadays, the cars are far more open and provide a ride experience very similar to that of a suspended coaster. As you can also control the speed of the vehicles, you can influence your experience similar to a Bobkart ride by the same manufacturer – a ride which can be found in amusement parks all over the world.

The ride starts with a right-hand bend, which goes over in a large downhill helix to the left. In two serpentine curves we then gain a bit of altitude. This is followed by a long wavy stretch of track, which makes it passengers giggle like crazy. After a left-hand bend this section is repeated. In the courtyard of the first helix, we take an upward leading spiral back to the starting height of the ride. After a longer straight and a left-hand curve, we reach the end of this surprisingly funny ride.


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Ilm Cycle Path (2015)

Together with my father, I went on a cycling trip along the river Ilm with start in Ilmenau and end in the picturesque and historically important city of Weimar. It was my first visit to the county of Thuringia and I was very impressed by its huge number of castles and its very beautiful landside. There is nothing you can do wrong by picking this cycle paths. The food is delicious and the beer is extraordinary nice – I just don’t know why Köstritzer is just selling their outstanding dark beer in the rest of Germany, when their lager is just as good. By the way, it is a law to order a Thüringer Bratwurst wherever you are in Thuringia. I simply don’t know what they are doing, but their sausages are simply the best!


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