Inselberg Funpark (2020)

The Inselberg Funpark not so far away from the Ski- und Rodelarena Wasserkuppe, is a Wiegand Erlebnisberg – a small showcase amusement park of the manufacturer Wiegand. Here you can find besides a classical luge, a Luna Loop and Nautic Jet by Heege, as well as the prototype of the Wie-Flyer Suspended Powered Coaster.

For many years, I wanted to give the Wie-Flyer a try, but sadly never found my way to this corner of Thuringia. Therefore, I missed to ride the ride with its original encaged vehicles. Nowadays, the cars are far more open and provide a ride experience very similar to that of a suspended coaster. As you can also control the speed of the vehicles, you can influence your experience similar to a Bobkart ride by the same manufacturer – a ride which can be found in amusement parks all over the world.

The ride starts with a right-hand bend, which goes over in a large downhill helix to the left. In two serpentine curves we then gain a bit of altitude. This is followed by a long wavy stretch of track, which makes it passengers giggle like crazy. After a left-hand bend this section is repeated. In the courtyard of the first helix, we take an upward leading spiral back to the starting height of the ride. After a longer straight and a left-hand curve, we reach the end of this surprisingly funny ride.


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