New for young and old: Bayern-Park becomes even more attractive!

Roller coaster, Adventszauber, mascot and entrance area with show stage

Munich/Reisbach, 1 March 2023: Good news for all theme park fans! Bayern-Park, the excursion destination for the whole family, will be even more colourful in the coming season and will be coming up with various new attractions and events. The highlight is a new family roller coaster that offers fun and excitement even for the youngest adrenaline junkies. The season starts on 1 April and the last regular day of operation is 8 October 2023.

Open End Family Coaster

The new roller coaster will be a real eye-catcher! The open end of the track, which rises eleven metres into the sky, makes many visitors ask: Where does the ride go on the new Family Coaster?

The roller coaster, which was individually designed for Bayern-Park by the renowned company Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, is also suitable for small children and can travel both forwards and backwards thanks to an ingenious set of points and other special effects. The Family Coaster guarantees great fun for the little ones and still enough thrills to excite the whole family.

In addition, the amusement park will have a newly designed entrance area from Whitsun onwards. The lovingly and cosily designed area directly opposite the car park will then allow better access to Bayern-Park and faster entry at up to eight ticket booths. The new entrance area consists of a large forecourt, a half-timbered building with a new kiosk, a large fountain with a lion statue and a large show stage.

During the holidays, guests will be greeted by a life-size version of the mascot, the lion Franz Xaver. He received an update during the winter break and shines in new splendour. In cooperation with an animation studio, the “real Bavarian park animal” has been created as a fully movable 3D model as a further development of his analogue predecessor and will also be available as a merchandise item in the souvenir shop.


Bayern-Park Adventszauber

A special highlight awaits visitors even after the end of the season. On the first three weekends in December, Bayern-Park invites you to a stylish winter opening in an extraordinary ambience. In addition to fun and action in many rides, guests can look forward to Christmas decorations and treats, a festive show programme and a variety of market stalls – from regional to traditional.

Prominent guests and extraordinary events

A regular guest at Bayern-Park this year is Ben Blümel. The popular KiKa (german children’s TV) presenter, pop singer and actor is not only the new brand ambassador of Bayern-Park, but also a passionate theme park visitor and roller coaster lover himself. Visitors can look forward with anticipation.

In addition, there will be other events and special campaigns. On 22 April, the “Applicants’ Day” is on the programme. On this day, interested people can take a look at the leisure park and look over the shoulders of the various employees. From 5 to 7 May, the Bavarian Championships in Target Sprint, a combination of running and shooting, will be held on site. In addition to normal operations, those interested can watch the competitions here.

On 3 June, there is a must-attend event for all fans of the popular Eberhofer crime novels when actors from the films and fans meet at Bayern-Park for the first Franz-Eberhofer e.V. Fan Club Day. Then, on 31 July, there will be a big action day in aid of the Bavarian Radio charity Sternstunden e.V. with a world record attempt at Bayern-Park. And from 12 to 13 August, visitors from near and far can already look forward to the popular Sternkrieger und Fantasy Treffen (Star Wars and Fantasy Reunion).

The most important dates 2023 at Bayern-Park at a glance:

01.04.2023Season opening
22.04.2023Applicants' Day
28.-30.04.2023Free admission for winter birthday children (birthday in the period 11.10. - 31.03.)
05.-07.05.2023Target Sprint
03.06.2023Franz Eberhofer e.V.-Fan Club Day
31.07.2023Action day in aid of Sternstunden e.V. with world record attempt
12.-13.08.2023Sternenkrieger- und Fantasytreffen (Star Wars and Fantasy Reunion)
12.-17.09.2023Free entry for school starters
07.-08.10.2023Last regular operating weekend
01.-03.12.2023Bayern-Park Adventszauber
08.-10.12.2023Bayern-Park Adventszauber
15.-17.12.2023Bayern-Park Adventszauber

Secure tickets now

Bayern-Park opens its doors again on 1 April. The season ends on 8 October. Day tickets, season tickets and blue tickets (valid on all “blue”, i.e. normally less frequented opening days) as well as the corresponding vouchers are already available in the online shop.

Birthday children, regardless of age, have free admission on the day of their birthday upon presentation of ID. From 28 to 30 April, all “winter birthday children” up to the age of 13 who have a birthday during the closure period from 11 October 2022 to 31 March 2023 will also be allowed to “re-celebrate” their birthday and enter the park for free. At the beginning of the new school year, from 12 to 17 September 2023, first graders pay no admission fee and also receive a small gift.


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Photo Books by Saal Digital, Cewe and PosterXXL

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