Feria de Atracciones de Navidad (2021)

Visiting Valencia for Christmas is great and even gets better in the evening. The city itself has a great flair and I really enjoyed my walk from the Estacio del Nord train station towards the harbour for a visit at the local Feria de Atracciones de Navidad – a very large Christmas funfair. Highlight of course was of course  the S.D.C. built variant of the classic Jet Star 2 design by Anton Schwarzkopf, along with the second ever built Reverchon Hang Glider Ala Delta for showman Bañuls or the very exciting Stand-Up Enterprise. 

Comunidad Valenciana (2020)

On my last day in Madrid I took the train at the Puerta de Atocha station towards Valencia. It was my first experience with the Spanish high speed train AVE and I was very satisfied, although I found it kinda strange to go through an airport like check-in process just to catch a train. But that’s not the only strange thing, as funnily enough it took me several attemps before I could even buy tickets at a vending machine.

Once on the train, I enjoyed the great comfort of the Tourista Plus class and the free and awesomely fast internet. Before you even start noticing it, you arrive your destination in no time at all. Once in Valencia, I had to change the train station. Interestingly, the Estació del Nord was just around the corner of the Valencia Joaquín Sorolla station. Here I catched the Cercanias Renfe to Gandia, where my father was already waiting for my arrival.


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