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Hi, my name is Tobias and I’m the Themeparkblogger.

I like to describe my blog as your ultimate travel guide for theme parks, water parks and other destinations worldwide, as I visited a lot of places and I’m quite happy to write about them. At the moment you’ll find about 500 posts covering around 250 destinations. Admittedly, this is only an estimate. However, I have covered 136 theme parks so far.

I am a huge theme park enthusiast with a passion for great rides and attractions. I truly love discovering and reporting on all kinds of small attractions even before I visit the big holiday resorts. Therefore, you can find a lot of places covered on my website, which you might not find on any other site.

So join me on my journey through the theme parks around the world and discover with me the countries in which they are located.






Are you going on holiday soon or are you already there and looking for one or two leisure activities nearby? Then take a look at one of my countless reviews, usefully sorted into theme parks, water parks and animal parks and the country where they are located. Plus, I added a lot of general information, which should help you a lot – especially if you are planning a visit overseas.

Roller coaster travel is without doubt a breathtaking hobby. How it works and which routes you can take on it, you can find out under tours. But beware, this type of trip can be addictive and take you to very distant destinations. Moreover, all your colleagues and family will think you’re quite a nutcase – but if you’re willing to take the risk, you’ll experience one great holiday after another.

Outside of the parks, there is a lot to discover. Really. Just take a look into the Sightseeing section of my website. Apart of countless pictures of various funfairs, mountain coasters and other amusement related activities, I also added a lot of photo galleries of actual sights together with some interesting information.


As you can see, has a lot to offer, after all it is Germany’s most comprehensive theme park blog. But I would not complain about comments, ratings, guest contributions and suggestions. Whoever wants can also follow me on the usual social media channels:



Titanic Max

Roller coaster trip through Japan
Good Job at the Theme Park
Basically, Yomiuriland can be described as a classic trolley park; after all, the amusement park, which opened in 1964, resembles many other Japanese amusement parks...
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The Stress Express to Yokohama
You can't teach a blind person to see; unfortunately, I had to learn that more than once on this tour, because blind in the roller...
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Riding a roller coaster at Mount Fuji
Fuji-Q Highland at the foot of the majestic Fujiyama, the King of the Mountains, is one of Japan's most famous theme parks, with four record-breaking...
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The Thunder Dolphin of Tokyo
The Tokyo Dome City around the baseball stadium Tokyo Dome is an inner-city entertainment area. It consists of the stadium (home of the Yomiuri Giants),...
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Hybrid Leisure Land Amusement
The Tobu Zoo Park opened its doors for the 80th anniversary of the Tobu Railway in 1981. Five years earlier, the operating company Tobu Leisure...
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The way to Yokohama
After a day's break, we were supposed to go back to Nagashima, but since our night's lodging was in Yokohama, we went back to Nagoya...
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A crowded Waterpark
When you learn about Nagashima Spa Land, you inevitably come across the Joyful Waterpark or Jumbo Ocean Water Pool and its immense number of water...
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¡Viva España!
It is an indisputable fact that the Japanese are always enthusiastic about European culture; places like Rothenburg ob der Tauber, for example, are considered one...
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The long way to Shima and back
The way to Parque España is actually quite easy. From Nagoya, or as in our case from Yokkaichi, you can take the private train to...
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Nagashima Spa Land came into being as an addition to the resort near the city of Nagashima, which was developed in 1964. Located directly on...
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How to memorise the route between Nagoya and Kuwana
Early in the morning, at 6:36 to be precise, we left the Daiwa Roynet Hotel in Osaka Kitahama to be at Nagashima Spa Land in...
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Hollywood’s Backdrop
When 30,000 visitors means a less crowded day, and every local visitor seems to be wearing yellow T-shirts and blue overalls, then - and only...
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Escaping the heat of Osaka
While the amusement park section of Hirakata Park was busy, but by no means full, the Japanese spent their time in the water park The...
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Osaka’s home for little fairies
Hirakata Park originated as the Kikuningyō-ten exhibition grounds in 1912, with chrysanthemum-decorated figures and scenes being displayed in October and November of each year, before...
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The way to Osaka
As already mentioned in the Space World report, getting to and from the theme park is very simple thanks to the JR station of the...
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# Final Summer
The amusement park Space World shows us in a very fatal way what fish frozen in an ice rink can do - despite record sales...
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Togo-Mania at Greenland
The Greenland Resort has been located in the middle of the Japanese coal-mining area since 1964. Once founded by the Mitsui Mining company as a...
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In the rush of the Shinkansen
After a somewhat quieter night than the day before, at least it was a bit colder in the room thanks to the rain showers during...
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Boats ahead on the Japanese highland plateau
On a high plateau (Japanese Kogen) far above the Japanese spa town of Beppu - which attracts several million visitors every year, mainly due to...
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By slow train to Ōita
Early in the morning, we took the Limited Express Sonic from Kokura station directly to the onsen capital Beppu. Once there, it is advisable to...
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The Odyssey to the Overseas
On 24.08.2017, we were finally to set off. Since Nicolas' journey was short and uncomplicated, I'd rather describe my own: Before I could even leave...
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Themeparkblogger on the Road

Latest reviews and photo galleries from the world of amusement parks, animal parks and other tourist destinations
Having a blast on Dynamite
The last time, I have visited Freizeitpark Plohn, I was not at all impressed by its missing professionalism in some points. I had never issues...
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Testing the Sky Dragster at Skyline Park
It has been a while since I visited Bad Wörishofen and their local amusement park the last time. Back then, I did a small internship...
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Rushing through the Black Forest
The history of the Tatzmania Löffingen animal and amusement park began in 2017, when the former Schwarzwaldpark was taken over by the Braun family. In...
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Batavia is burning – and you want to go there?
Well, who would have thought that Batavia would actually burn down one day. Two years after the disaster at Europa Park, we were determined not...
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Following Snorri to Rulantica
It is very refreshing to see a stand-alone water park in Germany as well. Water slides are by no means a rare sight in Germany...
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Full Steam ahead on Hals-über-Kopf
Erlebnispark Tripsdrill has once again built something new and presented it to the public half-finished - and thus not made with love at all. In...
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Flying through Rookburgh
Phantasialand has once again built something new and of all things it was completed during the Covid 19 pandemic. Whereas elsewhere the opening of the...
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The Flight of the Fēnix
I haven't been to Toverland for a long time. A lot has changed in the time since my last visit. There is now a new...
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