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Hi, my name is Tobias and I’m the Themeparkblogger.

I like to describe my blog as your ultimate travel guide for theme parks, water parks and other destinations worldwide, as I visited a lot of places and I’m quite happy to write about them. At the moment you’ll find about 500 posts covering around 250 destinations. Admittedly, this is only an estimate. However, I have covered 137 theme parks so far.

I am a huge theme park enthusiast with a passion for great rides and attractions. I truly love discovering and reporting on all kinds of small attractions even before I visit the big holiday resorts. Therefore, you can find a lot of places covered on my website, which you might not find on any other site.

So join me on my journey through the theme parks around the world and discover with me the countries in which they are located.






Are you going on holiday soon or are you already there and looking for one or two leisure activities nearby? Then take a look at one of my countless reviews, usefully sorted into theme parks, water parks and animal parks and the country where they are located. Plus, I added a lot of general information, which should help you a lot – especially if you are planning a visit overseas.

Roller coaster travel is without doubt a breathtaking hobby. How it works and which routes you can take on it, you can find out under tours. But beware, this type of trip can be addictive and take you to very distant destinations. Moreover, all your colleagues and family will think you’re quite a nutcase – but if you’re willing to take the risk, you’ll experience one great holiday after another.

Outside of the parks, there is a lot to discover. Really. Just take a look into the Sightseeing section of my website. Apart of countless pictures of various funfairs, mountain coasters and other amusement related activities, I also added a lot of photo galleries of actual sights together with some interesting information.


As you can see, has a lot to offer, after all it is Germany’s most comprehensive theme park blog. But I would not complain about comments, guest contributions and suggestions. Whoever wants can also follow me on the usual social media channels:



Hell Yeah, Schnabelteah!

Roller coaster trip through Australia
Exploring Brisbane
Brisbane was the last stop of our Hell Yeah, Schnabelteah! Tour of Australia. Since we wanted to fly to Hong Kong by plane the next...
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Home of the Crocodile Hunter
The Australia Zoo is probably the most popular zoo in Australia and that is due to just one person: Steve Irwin. The Crocodile Hunter himself...
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Wet and wild fun on the Gold Coast
Wet ’n Wild is probably the best-known brand for water parks worldwide. The concept was developed by George Millay, who previously established the SeaWorld marine...
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High above Surfers Paradise
With about 600,000 inhabitants, the city of Gold Coast is the second largest city in the state of Queensland and the sixth largest city in...
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A visit to the original Movie World
Warner Bros. Movie World is one of the best-known theme parks in Germany and one of the most influential movie parks in the world.  The...
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The Final Countdown
In 1974, John Longhurst bought 85 hectares of land to put his dream of building a theme park into practice. With a few attractions, Dreamworld...
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On our way to the Gold Coast
After four days in Sydney, it was once again time for a little road trip. This time, we only had to drive for about 9...
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A visit to the legendary Orphan Rocker
The scenic amusement park Scenic World is one of the tourist hot spots of the nearby capital Sydney. The park houses several scenic attractions and...
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Wild Mouse Galore
Luna Park Milsons Point is probably the theme park with the most breathtaking view of all. Located right next to the world-famous Harbour Bridge and...
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Lots of fun along the Mitta Mitta
One of the longest sections on our journey through Australia was the one between the cities Melbourne and Sydney. Where others would simply take the...
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Scenic Fun on the Scenic Railway
One of the smallest amusement parks, an enthusiast might encounter during his travels is the Luna Park Melbourne in St.Kilda. The historic theme park is...
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Our way along the Great Ocean Road
After we left the Grampians we drove over a section of the Great Ocean Road towards the city of Queenscliff near Melbourne. We started in...
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Jetlagged Glenelg
Adelaide was the first stop on our Hell Yeah, Schnabelteah! Tour of Australia. After more than 24 hours in the plane and noticeable jetlag we...
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The long flight to Adelaide
24 hours on a plane is not a particularly pleasant activity - but what wouldn't you do to fly to Australia for once. The land...
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Themeparkblogger on the Road

Latest reviews and photo galleries from the world of amusement parks, animal parks and other tourist destinations
Raging through the Helices
It's the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic and things are getting a bit back to normal as the numbers are currently dropping in Germany...
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General Information Kings Island
Kings Island in Mason, Ohio is one of the largest amusement parks in the US. Founded in 1972 by Taft Broadcasting, the amusement park was...
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General Information Tatzmania Löffingen
Tatzmania Löffingen located on the edge of the community of Löffingen near Freiburg in Baden-Württemberg is a medium-sized, family-run zoo and leisure park. With its...
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Having a blast on Dynamite
The last time, I have visited Freizeitpark Plohn, I was not at all impressed by its missing professionalism in some points. I had never issues...
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Testing the Sky Dragster at Skyline Park
It has been a while since I visited Bad Wörishofen and their local amusement park the last time. Back then, I did a small internship...
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Rushing through the Black Forest
The history of the Tatzmania Löffingen animal and amusement park began in 2017, when the former Schwarzwaldpark was taken over by the Braun family. In...
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Batavia is burning – and you want to go there?
Well, who would have thought that Batavia would actually burn down one day. Two years after the disaster at Europa Park, we were determined not...
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Following Snorri to Rulantica
It is very refreshing to see a stand-alone water park in Germany as well. Water slides are by no means a rare sight in Germany...
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