Bye Bye, California

After leaving California’s Great America theme park in the afternoon, I drove straight to the airport. I stopped at a petrol station one exit before. After a good hour’s drive, I got all my stuff out of the rental car and made my way to the monorail. A short time later I was in the terminal and just as quickly through security.

The return flight went without a hitch. Back at Zurich airport, I immediately got on the next train. By the time I arrived in Altstätten, the bus that would have brought me to my front door had already left a few minutes earlier. So I had no choice but to take the replacement train, which dropped me off in the middle of my village. After a 20-minute walk with three bags, I was finally home.

California Adventure was a great trip and I met a lot of really nice people. Although I was mostly on my own in the parks, I had a really good time overall. Next time, however, I would shorten the tour a little and spend just one week in the LA and Las Vegas area, for example, or do a tour from San Francisco northwards.


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