Altmühlbob (2020)

One of the most interesting stops during my current tour through Germany was the Altmühlbob in Riedenburg, Bavaria. Since 1999, the location is home to an Alpine Coaster by Wiegand sharing the same name. Since 2017, it is also the home to the Speedbob – a so called Sport Coaster made by Wiegand.

While the Altmühlbob provides a solid ride through a over severall smaller jumps and a bunch of serpentines, the Speedbob fully concentrates itself on camelbacks. This is unusual for a mountain coaster and more importantly even for a roller coaster. After the long ascent, the ride drops off immediately with a double down. After an intense valley, the bob takes the first camelback and thereby tries to kick us out of our seats. This is insane! Thanks god, two more camelbacks are joined immediately after. After the third airtime filled hill, we are forced to a standstill in the magnetic brake section. Shortly thereafter, the extraordinary mountain coaster ride comes to an end.


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Alpsee Coaster (2019)

The Alpsee Coaster is a very exotic alpine coaster of the manufacturer Wiegand for me as a north German roller coaster fan, as it is located quite far away from any (relevant) tourists destinations; that means: It is located at the end of the world or as the south Germans like to say in Buxtehude. Without another reason, I would not have been able to pass near Kempten (Allgäu) so quickly, which is why the visit came into being after a refreshing session of whitewater rafting on the Iller river by the provider MAP-Erlebnis. My English buddy William was with me on the trip down south. On the way there – triggered by the end of the school holidays in Bavaria – we had to go through 5-6 hours of traffic jam and countless construction sites.

After a night in a hotel we went to the Alpine Coaster, which impresses with its location – directly at the Alpsee. It was a cold, rainy day and except for a few brave hikers there were no visitors; at least nobody was to be seen on the 2700m long track of the Alpsee Coaster. The temperature became lower and lower with every meter of the ascent. At the top, the rain started to fall. Thus, instead of a ride we first visited the cabin Bärenfalle, where we had a warm meal.

Well strengthened, we started the journey downhill, which was well lubricated by the rain. Since it is difficult to put the madness of the ride into words, I recorded a POV for you:


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Directly after the first three serpentines we race over the first bigger jump, which brings the sled quickly to its maximum speed. A short time later we fly over another jump. After an extremely fast passage through the forest we pass several waves, which skillfully pull you out of your seat and shake you around a bit. With a fat grin on the face, several steeper curve passages follow, which are interrupted in between by waves and some jumps. After some calmer passages (which would be a highlight at other installations), it’s back to business at 1:01 am. A jump is followed by some very tight and steep curves in quick alternation. After you have recovered from this, a six-second airtime orgy starts at 1:25. After a number of serpentines, another wave passage follows after 2:15. After this, the ride continues to go down the mountain in serpentines, before a helix waits for the riders towards the end of the ride.

The Alpsee Coaster of the Alpsee Bergwelt offers an absolutely wild and breathtaking ride that hardly any other roller coaster in Germany can match. It is without a doubt superior to any other Alpine Coaster in Germany; especially since newer rides are nowadays equipped with magnetic brakes that usually interfere too much with the action (even older rides, like the Hasenhorn Coaster in Todtnau, were unfortunately made worse by an upgrade to this system). As always, however, there is still the risk of a sneak in front of you on your ride and by then the 2700m ride can become quite a test of patience. Without any brakes it is a real fun ride and should be ridden by every roller coaster fan (at least until a new safety system is installed here, too).


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Rothenburg ob der Tauber (2016)

As I currently spend my internship at Daimler in Sindelfingen, I’ve a lot of time to explore a little bit of the South. Together with my friend Hisham, we spend the early morning in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, where we had a closer look at the historical city and a good lunch before heading towards Heidelberg to meet another friend of us.


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