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Theme Park:Caneva Aquapark (since 1982)
Part of the Resort Canevaworld Resort
Address:Via Fossalta 1
37017 Lazise sul Garda
Operated by:Fam. Amicabile

Caneva Aquapark right next to Lake Garda (just a few kilometers down the road of the Gardaland Resort) is one of the greatest water parks in Italy and Europe. The park is part of the Canevaworld Resort, run by the Amicabile family.


Highlights of the Water Park



Stukas Boom

The drop of Boom



Super Splash

Flying high



Twin Peaks

An insane water slide



Volcan Kamika

The kamikaze slide with neat airtime



Water Jump



The water park for the daredevil

Caneva Aquapark

Caneva Aquapark located right next to the brilliant movie-based theme park Movieland Park, is the water park of the CanevaWorld Resort – a family destination at the southern shore of Lake Garda. The water park is famous for its daredevil and one-of-a-kind water slides.

TriSplash and Super Splash

Located right next to the entrance are the TriSplash and Super Splash water slides. While on the TriSplash slide you slide down a group of three bodyslides that race down a gentle slope with lots of tight bends, on the Super Splash you slide headfirst down a steep slope on a mat and then jump a few meters through the air on a ski jump. Therefore, Super Splash is a great way to start your visit to this insane water park.

Water Jump

Passing the windy lagoon water play area, we make our way to another famous slide: the Water Jump. The slide starts as a classic bodyslide, which soon releases you onto a ski jump feature, which you may or may not slide down rather elegantly. It’s a very fun slide and worth the wait.

Volcan Kamika

When you enter the queue for Volcan Kamika, it’s not very clear what the slide actually is, before you reach the top. The slide down the volcan is a very classic kamikaze style slide with a nice dip before you take the finale chute, leading to a very nice airtime on your way down.  

Black Hole 2 and Mini Black

Black Hole 2 and Mini Black are the two Black Hole style slides in the park. While Mini Black are two short bodyslides aimed for younger park guests, Black Hole 2 are tube slides featuring of a series of turns, jumps and different light effects on your way down.


Typhoon is the name of the classic family racing slide located at the back of the park. After the initial steep drop, you hurtle down a series of waves where you can barely control your position as you compete against your friends and family members. Seriously speaking, this style of water slides are always great fun.

Miss Betty and Crazy River

The Zamperla Rockin’ Tug Miss Betty is the only dry ride within the park. The gentle swinging boat sits brilliantly on top of a cliff, giving it a very eye pleasing experience. Right next to it you can find the entrance to the Crazy River. This slide consists of a series of chutes and small pools and is arguably the park’s most popular slide if judged by the rather long waiting time.

Frozen Bob

The Frozen Bob conglomerate of water slides feature three racing mat slides, at which end you are stopped on a half-pipe element and four regular mat slides featuring a bunch of fast turns. Unfortunately, during my visit, the three-lane mat racer was closed and the other slides all had a rather long queue.

Stukas Boom

Throning on top of the water park, and interestingly over the Diabolik Invertigo roller coaster of the theme park next door, is Stukas Boom. This kamikaze-style slide is one of the earliest examples of a door trap water slide and therefore quite a challenge to take. The drop is insane and gives you a very good view onto the surroundings while going down a height of 32 meters.

Twin Peaks

The highlight of Caneva Aquapark is the Twin Peaks water slide. Here you go down a very steep chute gaining a lot of velocity to may or may not be able to take the large hill directly in front of you. Here, you either crawl over the crest or you fly over it (and out of the two-seater tubes). This slide is the definition of insanity and the main reason to come back to this beautiful water park.

Pictures Caneva Aquapark

Conclusion Caneva Aquapark

Caneva Aquapark is one of the best water parks, I’ve visited so far. Everything is well themed throughout the park and the water slides range from good to absolutely brilliant. Together with a visit to the neighbouring theme park, you will have a splendid and overall quite adventurous day at Lake Garda.

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