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Theme Park:Europa Park (since 1975)
Part of the Resort
Europa-Park Freizeit- und Erlebnisresort
Address:Europa Park Straße 2
77977 Rust
Operated by:Fam. Mack

Europa Park in Rust, Baden-Württemberg is the largest and most visited theme park in Germany. The amusement park was built in 1975 as an exhibition area for the rides of Heinrich Mack GmbH & Co. KG – today Mack Rides GmbH & Co. KG, which have their production facilities in nearby Waldkirch near Freiburg. The Mack family, who own the park, has been running the amusement park ever since.

Europa Park is home to a very large number of roller coasters and family-friendly rides, as well as dark rides, all of which have been assigned to European themed countries and thus offer an extremely immersive experience. There is something new to discover at every corner of the amusement park, no matter how small.


A trip to Croatia on Voltron Nevera
Batavia is burning – and you want to go there?
Ba-a-a Express in the Harbo(u)r Street
French lobby work at Europa Park
A positive surprise at Europa Park
A great weekend at Europa-Park



Fun Fact #1: The amusement park was originally intended to be run by the showman Otto Tiemann. Since he died shortly before the opening, the Mack family took over the management themselves. Hans-Jürgen Tiemann, Otto Tiemann’s son, however, opened the Heide-Park in Soltau three years later. Even today one can discover many similarities within the two parks.

Fun Fact #2: As the track of the popular roller coaster Eurosat has reached the end of its lifetime in 2018, it was replaced. However, as the Eurosat hall is very complex, only a few modules were removed and the track was lifted out bit by bit. To keep the support structure stable, only single rail sections were removed and replaced by the new rail.

Fun Fact #3: Although the first rollercoaster restaurant is located in Harburg Harbour in Hamburg, the Food Loop was the first restaurant of its kind where the pots also go through vertical loops.


Highlights of the Theme Park




The dark ride coaster based on a French movie



Atlantica SuperSplash

The Shoot the Chute with a hump



Ba-a-a Express

A very cute family coaster



Blue Fire Megacoaster

The first of many




The first spinning coaster



Eurosat CanCan Coaster

The perfect indoor coaster



Jungfrau Gletscherflieger

A very fun flatride



Piraten in Batavia

Europa Park’s modern dark ride



Schweizer Bobbahn

The first of its kind



Silver Star

The large coaster you can spot in the distance



Snorri Touren

The dark ride that tells the story of the nearby water park



Tiroler Wildwasserbahn

A great classic




The flying theatre right at the entrance of the theme park


Voltron Nevera


Voltron Nevera

A thrilling adventure



Wodan – Timbur Coaster

A short GCI with a great pacing


A trip to Croatia on Voltron Nevera

The latest roller coaster at Europa Park is called Voltron Nevera and is located in the brand new and unfortunately not yet fully completed themed area Croatia. In terms of type, it is a Stryker coaster, which is basically a further development of the already well-known Big Dipper. However, this Mack product offers a longer train and is even more flexible in its design, meaning that the roller coaster can, among other things, travel both forwards and backwards, which was not yet possible on the original model.

Overall, Voltron Nevera scores high on features. Once the train is loaded, the shoulder restraints automatically lower. A quick check and you’re off to the first highlight. But first the car is lifted up and shaken a little at the same time as the first show scene. A nice effect, if a bit tame. Shortly after, the actual start of the coaster follows and we shoot up a steep incline with a bang. We are now pulled with force into the first overhead element, which is very similar to a humpty dump lift on a Maurer X-Car Coaster. The following drop leads directly into a roll – a wonderful moment. After a speed bump the ride goes up an Immelmann. Immediately after the change in direction we enter another very similar element, but this time with a beautifully initiated banked turn at the top. In the valley we find the second launch area, which is actually a separate block area where the cars can be brought to a safe stop; when they come to a stop the cars rock back and forth a bit to gain enough momentum to continue. With a lot of speed we then go through a stall, where we are weightless and upside down for a few seconds. After an airtime hill, the ride continues upwards, changing direction several times. A sideways dip then leads us into a dive loop, after which we are guided quite hard into the block brake. A large turntable awaits, which doubles as a siding switch. This is well designed, but does not add any narrative depth to the ride, which splits the ride in two.

After a 180° turn, the second part of the ride begins directly with a backwards launch into an overhanging spike. We are then catapulted to our top speed with momentum and immediately ride up a tophat. A bend then leads us to another airtime hill. An interesting airtime hill tilted to one side then releases us parallel to the stall, which we cross in a wonderfully intense double-up. After another block brake, we are pulled smoothly into another roll. This leads us straight into a steep turn past the buildings visible from the themed area. Lined with ruins, the ride then leads into an Immelmann turn, which releases us directly into the final inversion of the ride. After another airtime hill, we reach the braking section of the roller coaster and are gently slowed down to walking speed.

Voltron Nivera is a world-class rollercoaster up to the stall, after which it unfortunately falls into a very repetitive pattern of airtime hills and corkscrews, which is briefly interrupted in the middle of the ride. You have to put your sidings somewhere if there is no room near the station, but the placement leads to an unnecessary splitting of the ride in two and a fairly linear ride to and from the turnout. Voltron Nevera scores particularly well with its compact design, especially at the beginning and end of the track.

Even though I personally find other roller coasters at Europa Park more exciting than Voltron Nevera, it has turned out to be a very nice roller coaster. The ride is fun and impresses with a really great track layout, especially in the first third. The roller coaster is definitely fun and that’s all that matters.

Pictures Europa Park


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Batavia is burning – and you want to go there?


Who would have thought that Batavia would actually burn down one day? Two years after the disaster at Europa Park, we were determined not to miss the new iteration of the Piraten in Batavia dark ride, as well as some of the other novelties of the last three years.

The Novelties of Europa Park


The Voletarium in the entrance area of the park marks the beginning of our little tour. The ride is the first project under the guise of the Adventure Club of Europe, a fictional adventurer’s club that brings together the innovations of recent years and is intended to be a trademark of Europa Park. As with the new Rulantica water park, this is taken ad absurdum by various novels, making it difficult to follow the plot.

However, to cut a long story short, the Voletarium is a flying theatre made by Brogent Technologies. The flight simulator offers a breathtaking but very family-friendly flight over Europe. However, not all the transitions between the different scenes are successful or logical, so the film is a little weak compared to the really well done film of Fuji Airlines in Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland or that of Sky Voyager in Australia’s Dreamworld.

Nevertheless, the location of the Voletarium improves the front section of the park. Overall, the ride is coherent and ideal as an in-between ride.

Jim Knopf – Reise durch Lummerland

It’s the same with Jim Knopf – Reise durch Lummerland. In true Europa Park style, another licence has been integrated into the park – this time one that is mainly known in German-speaking countries. The children’s locomotive Old’99, which previously had a circus theme, was redesigned for this purpose. It’s old decoration has found a new home in a small pavilion of the neighbouring Marionetten-Bootsfahrt. You can now travel through Lummerland with Emma, the locomotive from Michael Ende’s book, which is a great experience, especially for younger children.

Snorri Touren

It’s a similar story with the hugely popular Snorri Touren dark ride, which was installed in the basement of the Scandinavian themed area when it was rebuilt. On this tour, Snorri – the mascot of the Rulantica water park – leads us through the legendary water world just outside the gates of Rust. The ride gets a lot of things right, thanks to its vibrant design and largely successful media integration – only the short slide sequence, in which the car hits a moving platform, is reminiscent of early PlayStation 2 titles in its spongy graphics, which detracts from the otherwise cohesive overall impression.

Madame Freudenreich

Although you can somehow forgive Snorri, you can’t forgive Madame Freudenreich – after all, the Energy Universe was once the most coherent dark ride in the whole park. Now it is a shadow of its former self, an attraction to be avoided at all costs. Younger children might still enjoy the Alsatian Gugelhupf Dinosaur Mash, but I can’t imagine anyone else being able to put up with this nonsense.

Eurosat CanCan Coaster

It’s a good thing the Green Fairy moved in right above it. Since its redesign, the Eurosat CanCan Coaster indoor roller coaster has been taking us on a sensory high. Driven by absinthe and the familiar sounds of In A Second Orbit, we climb up the drum lift in the familiar way before the Galop Infernal kicks in and we find ourselves on what is essentially a brand new coaster.

Like a cancan, we swing through the turns. Past huge black light backdrops, we race through the dome at an ever increasing speed and are even lifted out of our seats at times. The fact that the experience is absolutely smooth makes the ride all the better.

Eurosat has always been a good indoor coaster. A bit rough on the ride, but quite entertaining. The Eurosat CanCan Coaster on the other hand is one of the best roller coasters in Europe. Perfectly balanced, atmospheric and with great show value. Everything about this ride is perfect.

Eurosat Coastiality

But that only applies to the CanCan Coaster. There is also the Eurosat Coastiality. While one of them has been able to reach new heights thanks to its collaboration with the Moulin Rouge Variety Theatre, the other is betting on a VR experience based on Luc Besson’s Valerian – City of a Thousand Planets.

In principle, I think VR coasters are fun, and Europa Park has already shown what can be squeezed out of a rollercoaster with the Alpenexpress Enzian. Despite the outdated graphics, the first film was an unparalleled revelation. After that, many parks jumped on the VR bandwagon and there seemed to be no stopping them. Fortunately, the trend disappeared as quickly as it came, so it’s a little surprising that Europa Park is the only park in the world that continues to promote the technology. However, thanks to the resort’s own attraction, Yullbe, this is no longer actively happening in the parks.

Eurosat Coastiality is, at least in theory, a very passable upcharge attraction that, thanks to a separate station, has little or no impact on the capacity of the Eurosat CanCan Coaster, eliminating one of the main criticisms of VR coasters. However, the ride is tiring and the outdated graphics make it less than impressive. The show value of the coaster is completely lost, which is why there is no incentive to repeat the ride.

Piraten in Batavia

The Piraten in Batavia dark ride, which has been completely revamped thanks to the new construction, offers plenty of reasons to go on a ride. What used to be a lengthy rip-off of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean is now much more independent, thanks to a consistent storyline around the adventurer Bartholomeus van Robbemond and his otter Jopie. The Pirates of Batavia ride is thoroughly entertaining and has a high overall show value, which is why it is not to be missed.

Pictures Europa Park

Closing Words

As you can see, Europa Park has been on a remodelling spree over the past few years. Some of the projects were long overdue, and some of the park’s attractions would actually like to see some changes. Not every upgrade is a success and not every licence is a plus for the park, but in general the Mack family’s drive is positive. They are trying to present a world-class theme park to an ever-increasing number of visitors, but unfortunately they often forget that great attractions do not need additional media integration.


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