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Theme Park:Busch Gardens Williamsburg (since 2009)
Busch Gardens Europe (2006 - 2008)
Busch Gardens Williamsburg (1992 - 2005)
Busch Gardens The Old Country
(1975 - 1991)
Address:1 Busch Gardens Blvd
23185 Williamsburg
Operated by:United Parks and Resorts

Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia, is one of the classic American amusement parks opened by the brewing company Anheuser Busch. Opened in 1975, the park is themed after various European countries, hence the original name Busch Gardens The Old Country. The park is famous for its world-class entertainment and selection of roller coasters.


A trip to the Old Country of Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Highlights of the Theme Park




The giant inverted coaster



Apollo’s Chariot

A fun hyper coaster



Celtic Fyre

A musical sensation



Escape from Pompeii

The fiery water ride




An awesome dive coaster



Loch Ness Monster

The original Nessie




A fast multi-launch coaster




The daredevil ride




An awesome family coaster


A trip to the Old Country of Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Sesame Street Forest of Fun

The main attraction of the large children’s area Sesame Street Forest of Fun is the small family roller coaster Grover’s Alpine Express. The ride, built by Zierer, consists of two helices arranged one behind the other and is a very good starter coaster for all future roller coaster fans.


Escape from Pompeii

Escape from Pompeii is by far the best designed water ride in an amusement park. After being transported to the excavation site by a chain lift, you first pass through some stunningly designed rooms before it gets really hot with countless fire effects. At the end, the only option is to escape into the cool water. Although soaked to the skin, we left the attraction with a smile on our faces.

Apollo’s Chariot

The ride on Apollo’s Chariot begins with a lift that takes us to a height of 170 feet. Once at the top, we ride over a short ledge before plunging into the abyss. Interestingly, the first drop takes us a good 210ft down. After two classic airtime hills, we turn left and immediately enter a long curve close to the ground that turns into a helix. Once at the top, we plunge down again with all our might and reach a block brake after a rising right turn. Now it’s back over four hills to the station.

Apollo’s Chariot is a very good old school hyper coaster. Built by B&M, the coaster focuses on speed and floater airtime during the ride. As a result, you are not pulled out of your seat as much as on newer coasters of this type. Nevertheless, Apollo’s Chariot is a very good roller coaster that you will want to ride several times in a row.


There is a Premier Rides Sky Rocket II in almost every park in the SeaWorld group, including here at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The name Tempesto is reminiscent of a type of pasta, but is meant to evoke an Italian stuntman.

The first start on Tempesto largely resembles the initial acceleration of a modern swing ride, but after the change of direction, things are admittedly much more vigorous and we almost reach the apex of the non-inverted loop. We are now accelerated a third time with plenty of momentum, whereupon we effortlessly reach the top level of the ride after a 180° turn. After a short breather, we enter the ride’s widely visible inversion, where we experience a very pronounced hangtime. Shortly afterwards, we dive back into the non-inverted loop. Another reunion with the apex of the element then heralds the finale of the route, after which we come to a standstill right in the station after another ride through it and our wild ride comes to an end.

Roman Rapids

During the rapids ride on Roman Rapids, you have a good view of the Apollo’s Chariot hyper coaster. Unfortunately, the Intamin Rapids Ride was closed during my visit.

Trade Wind and Turkish Delight

While this area of the park is dominated by three large roller coasters, it also features the Music Express Trade Wind and the Turkish Delight tea cups ride. Both flat rides offer a great ride.


The newest roller coaster in the park is the Pantheon multi-launch coaster. Although the ride has been completed for over a year, it was only officially opened shortly before my visit.

The ride on Pantheon begins with a few bends before reaching the first launch area. We then enter the first roll with momentum, which turns into a right-hand bend. After a few hills with negative banking, we reach the second launch area. Here we first accelerate a little, then race over a hill and accelerate slightly once more. However, we don’t manage the subsequent top hat, which is why we now change direction. We go backwards over the hill and up a spike. Going forwards again, we accelerate a third time and manage the top hat without any problems this time. After a very steep descent, the track leads us through a right-hand bend close to the ground and then into an outward banked airtime hill. Another right-hand bend close to the ground then leads us into a stall, where we spend a few seconds overhead before taking the final bends back to the station.

Although Pantheon has the fastest multi-launch sequence of any roller coaster, the linear sequence of elements makes for a rather leisurely ride. However, this may only be the case in the morning when the ride has not yet warmed up. Unfortunately, the coaster was closed in the afternoon due to a train getting stuck in the launch area.

Battering Jam, Flying Machines and DaVInci’s Cradle

On the way to the German themed area, we pass through a beautiful Italian garden with three flat rides. In addition to the Orbiter Flying Machines, you can take a ride on the Battering Jam pirate boat and the DaVinci’s Cradle flying carpet.


In the German Oktoberfest themed area of Busch Gardens Williamsburg there are numerous rides with “interesting” names, including the rollercoaster Verbolten (a mixture of german term verboten and bolt), the freefall tower Mäch Tower (an allusion to the word Mach, but with an ä) or the bumper cars Der Autobahn.

Mäch Tower

When Busch Gardens unveiled the Mäch Tower, everyone wondered why, after the insane success of Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa, a freefall tower from Moser Rides was coming to the park. At least on paper, the tower offered some features that the others did not. In the end, however, park visitors remember the uncomfortable seats more than the ride itself. That’s assuming the ride doesn’t break down as soon as you get on, which is why I can’t say anything about the ride in the Mäch Tower.


Where once the big bad wolf had his home, Verbolten now invites you to take a scenic drive through the Black Forest. The queue is peppered with poorly translated posters, billboards and other souvenirs advertising the Baden region.

The ride over Verbolten begins with two leisurely bends before we really step on the gas. We now descend a steep turn in complete darkness. Passing numerous black light effects, we turn into a tight helix. After a block brake we descend again in a steep turn. Finally, after a climb, we reach the drop track of the ride. As soon as we’re in position, we drop a few metres. Completely surprised, we ride straight into the second launch track. Our speed is just enough to get us to an old dilapidated bridge. This is followed by the biggest drop of the trip. With momentum we take a left turn close to the ground. After changing direction, the track climbs again. A short hill then leads us into the final bend and immediately into the brakes.

Unfortunately the ride at Verbolten is a bit bumpy before the first launch, but after that it is generally very smooth. The indoor part of the ride is surprisingly long and intense and the drop is very surprising. After the second launch not much happens. The ride’s biggest drop comes after the bridge sequence, but after two more turns it’s over. All in all a great ride.



Somewhat hidden in the German themed area is the entrance to the Alpengeist rollercoaster. This B&M Inverted Coaster is designed like a ski lift and offers a ride like on a black slope.

After the lift, the ride descends steeply in a right turn. This is followed by a massive Immelmann, which leads into an equally massive loop. Eventually we enter a cobra roll where we change direction. After a winding climb we reach a block brake. At full speed we plunge towards the ground. Now we go through a zero-G roll and immediately into a corkscrew. Hovering just above the ground, a helix follows and then the final left turn into the coaster’s braking section.

Alpengeist is an inverted coaster in a class of its own. The ride is high, fast and incredibly powerful. The layout is also ingenious. Unfortunately, the ride is probably a bit too challenging for most people, so we never had to wait here.


Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster is the most famous roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, mainly due to the two interlocking loops in the valley between the hills on either side of the river.

The ride on the classic Arrow Looping Coaster first takes you through a couple of turns before you reach the first lift. Once at the top, after a right turn, you enter the biggest drop of the ride, which takes you right across the valley. Following a turn, we begin the descent into the first loop. After a short climb and a right-hand bend we reach a block brake. We then enter an man-made rock formation where a very long helix awaits us in total darkness. At a good speed we enter the second lift.  After a right turn we enter the second loop. Finally, after a climb, we reach the final braking section of the coaster.

The Loch Ness Monster is a beautiful classic looping coaster with great drops, very intense loops and a great helix. Interestingly, the ride is much better at the back of the train than at the front, so at the moment I can only recommend a ride at the back of the train.


The small Irish themed area is not only home to a very authentic pub, but also the large S&S swing Finnegan’s Flyer and the Celtic Fyre show.

While Finnegan’s Flyer sends its passengers into an adrenaline rush, Celtic Fyre delights with great Irish dance numbers. The show, which I like to call “Beer – the Musical”, is simply perfect. The music is great, the singers are really good and the tap dance numbers are a real eye-catcher. Definitely watch it!

New France


Invadr is the amusement park’s small wooden roller coaster. The ride on the GCI rollercoaster begins with a right-hand bend that takes us directly into the rollercoaster lift. Once at the top, we go through a left-hand bend in which we are pressed firmly into the sides of the carriages. A short hill then leads into the ride’s big drop. After a right-hand bend, we ride over two consecutive airtime hills. The rest of the ride then mixes more and more airtime hills between the many bends before we enter the ride’s finale in a steep bend. Shortly afterwards, we reach the braking section and our short but enjoyable ride comes to an end.

Le Scoot

During the fast-paced ride on the Le Scoot log flume, you have a good view of the Alpengeist inverted coaster. Unfortunately, the Arrow log flume was closed when I visited.



Perhaps the most iconic roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is Griffon. This B&M Dive Coaster dominates the skyline of the park. Apart from the two vertical drops and the Immelmann inversions, the ride doesn’t really offer anything special. Nevertheless, the 205-foot high ride is an absolute fun machine. The drops are great and the two inversions in the extremely wide cars are just great fun. A great ride that I love to do over and over again.

Pictures Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Conclusion Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a really nice theme park with lots of really good rides and a really strong rollercoaster line-up. The entertainment at the park is also really good, especially the Celtic Fyre show. All in all, I had a really good time at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

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