Skyline Park

Theme Park:Skyline Park (since 1999)
Address:Im Hardtfeld
96690 Bad Wörishofen
Operated by:Fam. Löwenthal

Skyline Park in Bad Wörishofen in Allgäu is one of the most interesting amusement parks in Germany. The Skyline Park was built in 1999 on the site of the former Freizeitpark Kirchdorf. At first some rides of the showman family Löwenthal completed the offer, before it was gradually expanded. Almost every year the amusement park seems to expand and just as often it stands out positively from the masses with new innovative rides.

Fun Fact #1: The Skyline Park is one of the few amusement parks where you can get shot into the sky in a bungee ball at no cost. Since the capacity is limited, a visit is worthwhile right at the start of your day.

Fun Fact #2: Germany’s largest bumper car is located at Skyline Park.

Fun Fact #3: The park offers its guests a small swimming pool with slide. Especially during the hot summer days you shouldn’t forget your bathing suit.


Highlights of the Theme Park




The world’s largest Star Flyer


Bob Racing • Wiegand Bobkartbahn


Bob Racing

A very long powered luge




The classic ghost train



Nostalgische Achterbahn

A great ride



Sky Dragster

The first Spike Coaster



Sky Rafting

A wild river trip



Sky Spin

The Spinning Coaster



Sky Wheel

The first of its kind


Wildwasser 3 • Mack Rides Log Flume


Wildwasser 3

The largest transportable log flume


Testing the Sky Dragster at Skyline Park


It has been a while since I visited Bad Wörishofen and their local amusement park the last time. Back then, I did a small internship at Gerstlauer Amusement Rides in nearby Münsterhausen and stayed at a friend’s house for quite some time. Since then, Skyline Park nearly doubled in size and some interesting rides came and go.

Skyline Park

As Skyline Park is one of the few theme parks, where a ride on a Funtime Slingshot is included in the entrance fee, I started my day in this area of the park. However, due to strong winds, the Sky Shot would not open on the day of my visit.

Also, the nearby Caripro Gyroflyer Sky Rider had some issues during its test run and had to be towed back to the station. The unique suspended spinning coaster did not run at all for the remaining time of my visit.

Sky Spin

As the queue for the Wiegang Bobkartbahn Bob Racing hardly moved at all, we continue our way to the spinning coaster Sky Spin. I rode this Maurer SC2000 twice on my only visit to the Oktoberfest in Munich so far. Back then the ride was still known as Cyber Space and was operated by the Kaiser family. Between 2003 and 2012, the ride was known as Whirlwind in the English Camelot Theme Park. After the park’s closure, the ride moved to Skyline Park in 2013 and continued to entertain its riders ever since. Unfortunately, the ride became quite jerky over time, which is a bit of a surprise when compared it to other installations of its kind.

Sky Dragster

Passing the Schwarzkopf Wild Cat Nostalgische Achterbahn, which I was not allowed to ride as a single rider (probably because of the Covid-19 rules), we now encounter another roller coaster made by Maurer. Skyline Park has a good connection to the Munich based manufacturer, which is why you can find two of their prototype coasters within the park. The first one was the SkyWheel and the second one is the Spike Coaster Sky Dragster.

The Sky Dragster is currently the only Spike Coaster in operation. Its design is a mixture between the classic Steeplechase coaster and a powered coaster, although the position of the rider is quite close to the rail. The cars are directly driven by a cogwheel which runs along a gear rack attached to the side of the track. Due to this configuration, a rollback is not possible, thereby the track can be bend in all different kind of crazy manoeuvres – it is even possible to accelerate the vehicle along a vertical stretch of track, which is otherwise quite complex to achieve on conventional track designs. Like a Bobkartbahn by Wiegand, the rider can control the speed of the vehicle and a control system adjusts the distance between the cars when needed.  Moreover, everything is surveyed by the system, which on the one hand gives you a remarkably high security, but on the other hand led to a lot of issues during the first seasons of the coaster.

On the day of my visit, the coaster was running without issues. The track at Skyline Park features a long straight just after the station before you enter a horseshoe turn. This is directly followed by a 360° righthand curve. Two hills in a double-up fashion join immediately after. On the other side of the layout, you then enter a strangely banked upwards leading spiral. After a descend back to the station level, you then run through a very tight s-bend, before reaching the station. A second lap follows.

I really like the acceleration of the Spike Coaster. Compared to conventional powered coasters, the system is far less inert. The only thing I did not liked too much is the slow pacing on most of the elements on the Sky Dragster. I know that this is to limit the forces on the rider, yet it is kind of hilarious to allow a system to have a high degree of flexibility on the track design when you must regulate it massively to do so. However, if your design for the most part consists of straight sections, then this system is fine. Therefore, it does not surprise me, that the Spike Coaster will be most likely to be found exclusively on Cruise Ships like the Carnaval Mardi Gras. For a theme park, the low capacity of the ride is not at all justifiable, unless you are Mirabilandia and want to gain some extra revenue due to your fast pass system.

Sky Circle and Wildwasser 3

In the same corner as the Sky Dragster, you can find the Zamperla Turbo Force Sky Circle, as well as the large transportable log flume Wildwasser 3 by Mack Rides. It is the second transportable log flume of the park owner who found its way to Skyline Park. The first one was the Pirateninsel, which now have found a new home at Eiffelpark in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Wildwasser 3 was the largest log flume to be found on the German fair circuit and therefore features three shot rides, whereby the first one is being done backwards.


Close to the Wildwasser 3, you can find the world’s largest Star Flyer. The chain swing Allgäuflieger offers a wide view onto open fields, the mountains and of course the Skyline Park just underneath. Due to strong winds, I had to give the ride a miss.

High Fly

A ride which I gave voluntarily a miss is the large inverting pendulum ride High Fly by SBF Visa, as I was already punctured by their restraints the day before on the Papageienflug at Tatzmania Löffingen and I did not want to risk it again. The High Fly is currently the largest inverting pendulum ride in Germany, but that record could be broken easily if a park is interested in doing so.

Sky Rafting

The next ride on our path through the park is Sky Rafting, formally known as Wild ‘n Wet. The transportable water ride by ART Engineering starts off with a vertical lift. Once at the top, a long slide section is initiated. Due to the curvy layout, the boats start to rotate heavily. A short drop nearby the end of the slide section comes a bit by surprise, as nobody in the boat knows who will get wet.

Kids Spin

Not as unpredictable, yet kind of spiny is the small spinning coaster Kids Spin. The small coaster by SBF Visa comes in the proven 3 loop layout, whereby upward leading curves to the right always lead into a downwards leading curve to the left. Due to the constant change in curvature, the cars can get a good spin. After several round, the train then comes to a stop in the station and the cars must be manually turned back into position before you can exit the ride.


Passing the large thrill coaster SkyWheel, we now have a look onto the ghost train Geisterschlange. The old ride by the showman Lehmann has found its retirement home at Skyline Park. The ride is simply a beauty of a ghost train and it is nice to see that it gets preserved for the future in an amusement park like Skyline Park.

Zero Gravity

As the weather during my visit got worse and worse and heavy rain started to fall around lunch, let us now have a look into the only indoor attraction at Skyline Park. The hall opposite of the cute Baustellenfahrt once offered a motion simulator. It is now home to the Rotor Zero Gravity by SBF Visa. The Italian company gave the famous ride concept a new life by introducing translucent walls to the ride, where traditional rides feature a wooden barrel. To further increase the friction, the walls are also angled and feature a rather rough surface. The ride could therefore run slightly slower, but it does not. For minutes you are now pressed onto the wall, which becomes more and more exhausting over time. The light show is a plus, nevertheless, I was quite happy when the ride finally came to a stop.

Pictures Skyline Park

Closing Words

It was nice to get back to Skyline Park after so many years. Unfortunately, due to the weather and because of the Covid-19 guidelines, I could not give every attraction I wanted a try. Nevertheless, I was quite happy to have tested the new Sky Dragster roller coaster and spend some time with some classic rides before I moved on earlier than expected.


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A rainy day at Skyline Park

Skyline Park

With Bernd, his mother and his cousin we went to the Skyline Park in Bad Worishöfen. This park belongs to the showman family Löwenthal and so it is no wonder that the park has some former travel attractions in the park.


One car of such an attraction is located above the entrance of the park, the others are still doing their laps of the Schwarzkopf roller coaster Achterbahn. As usual for big Wildcat roller coasters, the ride is a lot of fun. If you ride it in continuous rain, all the more. Unfortunately we left the park a bit too early, otherwise we would have probably experienced a rollback and got stuck.

Formel 1

A rather strange attraction can be seen right at the entrance of the park. SBF Visa’s Formel 1 is basically a kart track with bumper cars. However, they are quite difficult to control, so that the races are not that easy. In addition to this, you can drive in the typical bumper car manner and play with unfair means. A great fun for the whole family!

Skyline Express

In addition to some playground equipment that can be attributed to the previous park history, such as some rides from the Heege product catalogue, there is also a double Bavarian curve from BHS in this area, as can also be found in Hansa Park as El Paso Express. Strangely enough, the lifting mechanism on the cars in the Skyline Express doesn’t work as well, which is why half of the train stays open and thus enjoys a very interesting ride experience.

Cinematrix 4D

Following Bernd we went into a strange mine with various obstacles, which ended in a room with two rather strange looking devices. In this simulator a space movie was shown, which was relived twice thanks to an emergency stop. Unfortunately this emergency stop was almost before the end of the movie and after a second time not only Bernd was feeling sick. Unfortunately the film does not fit at all into the mine design of the waiting area in front of the simulator.

Swimming Pool

In order to relieve the body a little, the wave swinger was tested, which is located next to the park’s own outdoor pool. Tends to be a good idea, but it wouldn’t hurt to extend it a little bit and create the first German summerland with a fully-grown outdoor pool.

Sky Fall

The park has a very beautiful and originally designed corner with its amazingly long, fast and well planned bobkart track. The Fabbri Jungle Jack Sky Fall, which is a bit off the beaten track, also benefits from this. This machine rides so crazy that it is bloody good. An airtime orgy is guaranteed, as well as a fresh smile on your face.

Sky Rider

In the immediate vicinity there is a truly unique roller coaster, the Sky Rider. Rotating, swinging gondolas and a vertical lift characterise the ride, as do the missing friction wheels inside the station. Accordingly, the ride is quite ingenious and towards the end of the ride, the swinging is also not to be underestimated.

Pirateninsel and Sky Twister

The Sky Wheel attracts from far away, but to get to the roller coaster made in Munich you have to pass a special feature. A field, which is surrounded by an amusement park. Here in the second part of the park you can also find a bumper car, which was built from two different bumper cars, the Sky Circle, which is built year after year somewhere else, the log flume Pirateninsel, which you can also ride backwards, as well as the former Heide-Park Condor, which is called Sky Twister.

Sky Wheel

The Sky Wheel itself is a roller coaster experience that is quite difficult to describe. The moment before you are relieved from the elevator upside down, there is a strange feeling in your stomach, which returns to normal with the first roll. It is followed by a descent with wonderfully high centrifugal forces in the valley before you rush backwards through the valley again shortly afterwards. A braking in vertical position follows before you either return to the station or get up again. Compared to the longer version in Madrid, the ride is better just because of the backwards part.

Closing Words

Another special feature of the Skyline Park are the many lakes, all of which are themed after pirates. This may convince especially at the ship swing Alte Liebe and many other attractions, but the park itself moves between a very well themed amusement park and a classic fun fair. In any case, the Skyline Park is worth a visit.


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