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Amusement Pier:Brighton Pier (since 1899)
Address:Madeira Drive
Operated by:Brighton Pier PLC

Brighton Palace Pier, whose official name is Brighton Marina Palace & Pier, is the only remaining pier in the English seaside resort of Brighton in the county of East Sussex. Opened in 1899, the pier is home to a large collection of various fairground rides, including the Crazy Mouse and Turbo Coaster roller coasters. In addition, Brighton Pier offers a wide range of restaurants and several very large amusement arcades.


Highlights of the Amusement Pier


Crazy Mouse


Crazy Mouse

The coaster is a standard one, but the view isn’t


Turbo Coaster


Turbo Coaster

A ride for the hardy



Waiting for passengers on the Brighton Pier

Brighton Palace Pier

The Brighton Palace Pier, whose official name is Brighton Marina Palace & Pier, is the only remaining pier in the English seaside resort of Brighton. Around its entrance there are other tourist attractions like the Sealife Center Brighton or the Vekoma Ferris wheel Brighton Wheel. As also the city itself, the Brighton Pier has a certain charm, but it really takes the money out of your wallet. Most of the pier’s turnover is not generated by the rides at the end of the pier, but by the generously designed gambling halls, as also by the nice restaurants and snack bars.

In the front area of the park at the end of the pier you can admire a beautiful horse carousel and a Helter Skelter slide in Roller Coaster Tycoon style. Right next door is the ghost train Horror Hotel, which looks very nice from the outside. Other attractions in this area are a Sartori Techno Jump and a bumper car.

Turbo Coaster

On the right side of the pier the Turbo Coaster stretches towards the sky. Like the Klondike Gold Mine from Funland Amusement Park, this coaster is a Pinfari ZL42, but the differences between the two rides are much bigger than their design. If you want to ride this ride you should be very lucky, because on the one hand the ride only starts when eight people are willing to ride, on the other hand you need people who don’t turn back after three minutes in the queue.  Thereby it can take more than one hour even with a reasonably well-visited pier until enough people have found each other and in addition an employee of the pier was found who finally starts the machine. But when the system is up and running, it gets noticed and the second train load is gathered at a comparatively fast pace.

Where the Turbo Coaster looks quite nice from the front, this changes suddenly when the train leaves the lift. Barely lifted out of the seat during the first drop, the shoulder restraint hooks itself in such a stupid position, so that from now on you can do the rest of the ride firmly clinging to it. The loop was a little more intensive and less smooth than the one at the Funland Amusement Park, the rest of the course is much rougher, so that you get wiped off your shoulder restraints every now and then. While the Klondike Gold Mine is quite rideable and actually a lot of fun, the ride on Brighton Pier lacks any joy of life that could persuade you to take a second ride. Strangely enough one or two of the riders enjoyed the ride and even treated themselves to a second round.

Crazy Mouse

Fortunately, the beautifully positioned Reverchon Crazy Mouse of the same name is right next door. The ride in this mouse featured a quite nice view and was rather tame in the upper part of the ride. After the big drop was done and the rotation was finally released, the mouse started to rotate in best waltz style. Reverchon mice are always worth a ride and in this respect there is a good representative of this kind in Brighton, even if with 4 tokens of 1 pound each one of the probably most expensive of its kind.

Other rides on the pier include a Reverchon log flume called Wild River, a Fabbri Booster and a typical English Waltzer ride. The ride on the Waltzer was very nice and due to a straight section at the back of the ride you were inevitably put into a spin at the next drop.

Pictures Brighton Palace Pier

Conclusion Brighton Palace Pier

In total, the Brighton Palace Pier is a really nice pier, even though the rides are all quite expensive. In fact, one can leave one’s money in the restaurants and snack bars of the pier that is open during the whole year. Those who like gambling and arcades will also be in good hands in this seaside resort.


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