Zurich (2017)

When I visited my friend Daniel, I also had a view onto his home town Zurich. As Switzerland as a whole was very much expensive for me, I focused on everything I could actally afford, which was mainly the free stuff to be found throughout the city. As a small public transport geek and funicular enthusiast, I also had to take a ride on the cogwheel train Dolderbahn and the two funiculars Polybahn and Seilbahn Rigiblick. 

I was very much impressed by the city and its location at the Lake Zurich. When I had a long walk at one of the banks of the lake, a strong shower started which is why I had a view onto the Sukkulenten Sammlung. In my opinion, this collection of succulents is a hidden gem of the city. The nice garden and the sometimes very strange plants are quite exciting and you can easily spend some time over here.

After a meal at McDonalds, I headed towards the grounds of the university to have a view into the Zoologial Museum. It is a great place to learn all sorts about animals of past and present, but somehow could not keep my interest for long. As my time was running out, I focused onto the affordmentioned modes of public transportation before heading back.


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