Old Wardour Castle (2017)

After looking at the old stones near Salisbury, we were thirsty for more interesting sights. So we had a quick look on the internet to see what else there was to discover in the area. The Old Wardour Castle was quite close and old castles are always worth a visit. So we drove to Tisbury on daredevil, one-lane but two-way roads with huge hedges on both sides and few opportunities to get out of the way.

Interestingly, Old Wardour Castle is a ruined castle that is freely accessible, which makes every penny of the low entrance fee and the hassle of getting there and back completely worthwhile. The castle has stood like this since it was partially destroyed in the English Civil War in 1644. The Arundell family built the New Wardour Castle only a few kilometres away and used the Old Wardour Castle as a romantic castle ruin, complete with park and newly built Banqueting House..

Nowadays, the old walls are still used for filming, for example in Robin Hood – King of Thieves, or as an adventure playground for tourists.


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Stonehenge (2017)

The year was 2012 and I had been living in England for just two months. A study group was quickly found and a field trip was arranged to ride a rollercoaster in Alton (or rather, to watch fireworks) and there were rocks to admire along the way. Admittedly, very interesting stones, but we arrived a little too late; a roadworks site, which revealed to me the strange behaviour of the Brits when it comes to turning in (early, otherwise you get honked at), prevented us from taking a closer look. Whereby one can now ask oneself whether one had not even been closer at that time.

Said road no longer exists, the car park has been moved and instead of a pedestrian tunnel, there is a visitor centre with background information and a shuttle bus. Above all, this looks better and brings English Heritage some additional visitors. However, the question is: Is it worth it? The answer to that is straightforward and simply no. However, I think that you should have seen Stonehenge and if you do it right, you won’t necessarily pay much for it. Provided, of course, that you take a look at the other sights of English Heritage, which can be well worth it, as the nearby Old Wardour Castle shows.


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