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Theme Park:Potts Park (since 1969)
Address:Bergkirchener Straße 99
32429 Minden
Operated by:Fam. Pott

Potts Park  is a small family-run theme park for the whole family on the outskirts of the city of Minden in North Rhine-Westphalia. The park offers a variety of family-friendly rides and attractions, all of which have been implemented in an extremely creative way. In addition, the park focuses on various edutainment offers, where children, as well as adults can learn something through play. A visit to Potts Park is therefore an experience for the whole family.


Highlights of the Theme Park




The large family coaster




A log flume featuring whales




An interactive Suspended Coaster


Some hours in Potts Park Minden

Potts Park

A park which I wanted to pay a visit for some time was Potts Park in Minden. After all the park lures with a prototype and a beautifully designed park landscape. The park can give this impression, at least if you look at the front part of the park, which comes in the charming industrial look of the last century. Here you can find, besides the unfortunately halfway broken and much too small velodrome, some rides from the house of Heege, which were very nicely designed.


Other rides from the same company have unfortunately been a little worse off, because the beautiful and really intense airtime machines Potzi-Mobile are located in the middle of a small go-kart track and on the other side there is an ugly water roundel.


Right next to it you will find the highlight par excellence in the park, the abc rides prototype Turbo-Drachen, which was built two years ago. The ride in this self steerable kite is very smooth and the cars swing out well to the side. However, the capacity is not the best, which is absolutely sufficient for a park of this size; so you are only a few minutes away from the check-in before the flying adventure can begin. For Potts Park at least, the Turbo-Drachen was a very worthwhile and also praiseworthy investment, because after all, they put a prototype in the park. From the actual ride you can compare it to a Bobkartbahn, even though the rides built by Wiegand are usually a bit faster.

Potts Blitz

The second roller coaster of the park is a Zierer Force Two, one of the bigger rides of the manufacturer and has been equipped with an unusual train and unique name. Luckily, the Potts Blitz is a bit older and can therefore score with more comfort than the new rides of the South German roller coaster manufacturer.

Pedal Track and the Slide Paradise

A few meters further on, there is a pedal track hanging under the rail, which unfortunately is only a simple oval, but offers a very interesting ride. In the middle of the ride there is the park’s aging slide paradise that offers some interesting slides but is simply not very nice to look at.

Faule Sau and Swins Gallop

If one continues to follow the path, one comes to some piggishness. The dark ride Faule Sau is a nicely designed, but unfortunately in some places very bald theme ride and in the Swins Gallop you could certainly have some races against each other, if the children and their parents would understand and use the ride system.

Giant Apartment and Science Centre

Potts Park also provides for education, because here you can see a giant apartment next to a badly lit and rather boring looking science centre. Where the science center is very far away from the Phaeno in Wolfsburg or the Universum in Bremen, the apartment is quite interestingly staged and can promote understanding between parents and child.


By the way, the park has also thought of the water enthusiasts in us and so, besides the inflatable boat slide, which is obligatory for small and medium sized parks, you can also try the log flume Pottwal from Bear Rides, which alone can convince with its beautiful and very originally designed boats.

Pictures Potts Park

Conclusion Potts Park

Unfortunately, I was probably a little too much blinded by the pictures of previous reports, so that I unfortunately left the park faster than planned. For a family from the region Potts Park is very worthwhile thanks to the cheap family annual ticket and also for the bidding the entrance fee is justified. The staff was mostly very friendly and also the park guests mostly knew how to behave – so it was a very pleasant visit that one could gladly repeat.


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