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Animal Park:Tierpark Nadermann (since 1967)
Address:Grafhörsterweg 5
33129 Delbrück
Operation by:Fam. Nadermann

Tiere / AnimalsTierpark Nadermann is a small privately owned animal park in Delbrück close to the cities of Paderborn and Bielefeld in Nord Rhine-Westphalia. The park was founded in 1967 and houses around 600 animals and 100 species. The enclosures for the most part are species-appropriate.



Highlights of the Animal Park


Butterfly • Heege Butterfly



The Heege classic





Tiere / Animals




A visit at the Tierpark Nadermann


After leaving Potts Park earlier than expected, I moved on to Tierpark Nadermann. The park can be well combined with the Hollywood Zoo and Safaripark Stukenbrock as they share the same autobahn exit.

Tierpark Nadermann

The tickets are paid at a kiosk in the middle of the park. The prices are very low, there is even a dicount for students. The round tour in the park runs within two loops and you can see some interesting animals, which were housed for the most part in very appearing and large enclosures.

Somewhat curious, the park is directly adjacent to a campsite. It even has a border with border posts, On the slightly outdated playground you can find some Heege rides, all of which require one Euro for the operation. There are some small children’s rides and a nostalgic boat swings. The Heege butterfly roller coaster  is slightly hidden, just infront of the horse rink.

Pictures Tierpark Nadermann

Conclusion Tierpark Nadermann

Anyone who likes animals and wants to pick up a coaster count will find his right place here. The park has its charm and you can perfectly combine it with the above mentioned Safari Park in Stukenbrock.


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