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Theme Park:Pacific Park (since 1996)
Address:380 Santa Monica Pier
90401 Santa Monica
Operated by:Premier Parks LLC

Pacific Park located on the world famous Santa Monica Pier at the end of Route 66 is a small Amusement Park in in Santa Monica, CA, which opened its doors in 1996. Besides the Santa Monica West Coaster, the park is home to a bunch of classic American flat rides as well as the Pacific Wheel. 

Santa Monica West Coaster

The Santa Monica West Coaster is the park’s large family coaster, which covers most of the amusement section of the pier. After climbing the lift hill, the ride starts quite gently with a small dip. With a bit of speed we then enter the large 540° helix, which towers over the park’s main entrance area. We then race over two gentle airtime hills, before we reach the other side of the park and enter another large downwards helix. Before going back to the station we then take another dip where we reach the lowest point of the ride. Shortly afterwards, we enter the elevated station and start a second lap before our pleasant ride finally comes to an end.

Pictures Pacific Park

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