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Animal Park:Weltvogelpark (since 2010)
Vogelpark Walsrode (1962 - 2009)
Address:Am Vogelpark
29644 Walsrode
Operated by:Parques Reunidos

WeltvogelparkWeltvogelpark in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath nearby Walsrode in Lower Saxony is the world largest bird park. The park was founded in 1962. Today, the park is being run by the Spanish entertainment operator Parques Reunidos.

The animal park covers an area of 24 hectares, showing 4000 birds and 675 species. The park offers a large number of aviaries (both internal and external) as well as outdoor enclosures. Whilst the more modern areas of the park offer an environment based on the natural habitat of the birds, the older areas mainly consist of beautiful arranged parkland and woods.

Fun Fact: The park features one of the largest playgrounds in Northern Germany.


Highlights of the Animal Park












The singing birds of Walsrode

Weltvogelpark Walsrode

Located in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath, Weltvogelpark is home to the largest bird park in the world. For many in Lower Saxony and Bremen, the park is well known, after all, it is one of the parks that you should visit or already have visited when living nearby.

Founded in 1962 by a merchant, the park turned into a fast-growing regional attraction in the 1970s. For this reason, it is hardly surprising how much space the park has, but besides its enclosures, it boasts one of the most beautiful garden landscapes in Europe.

The biodiversity ranges from penguins to native animals and exotic birds. The enclosures are each perfectly designed to its housed animal. In addition to two larger free-flight halls, you can visit several animal houses or take a closer look at the numerous aviaries and outdoor enclosures.

The design of the parks ranges from natural enclosures to themed enclosures such as the Uhu Castle, which is ahead of many theme parks. In addition to two major bird shows, the park has plenty of informative animal feeding sessions to watch out for.

A special attraction, which can be found more and more often in various zoos, is the walk-in aviary of the lorikeet. I’ve visited a similar attraction in Chessington – World of Adventures these colorful birds, even if they are quite loud. As in England, the birds here are quite alive and thirsty for the nectar, which can be used to attract them.

Not only the birds are well supplied with food, there are also numerous possibilities open to the visitors. There are two snack bars as well as two service restaurants, each with a large terrace area. In addition, the food here is excellent, although priced in a slightly higher range then usual.

Next to the Weltvogelpark, you can visit a high ropes course. You can also find an information center about the Lüneburg Heath and rent some bicycles if needed.

Pictures Weltvogelpark



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