Cartagena (2020)

As my father had something to do in Torrevieja, we went on a small road trip to the nearby city of Cartagena, where we had a look onto the old Roman remiscents of the cities past. All in all, the Teatro Romano is an awesome sight and should be seen my anyone nearby. Unfortunately, the Anfiteatro de Cartagena was blocked off for renovations. Instead we had a view into the Civil War Museum next door.

As Cartagena is an important harbour for the Spanish Navy, we also did a small harbour boat trip, where we had a great view onto the harbour and the Bahia de Cartagena.

As it was the case with Madrid a few days before, the city was more or less deserted. All tourist stayed at home and even the Spanish did not spend their time in the city centre. I’m not sure if Spain will ever recover from this, but I hope that it does and that the tourist come back sooner than later.


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