Aquopolis Torrevieja

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Water Park:Aquopolis Torrevieja (since 1987)
Address:Av. Delfina Viudes
03183 Torrevieja
Operated by:Parques Reunidos

Aquopolis Torrevieja is a water park of the Spanish amusement park group Parques Reunidos. The water park on the Costa Blanca convinces with its two large water slides Kamikaze and Speed, which can be seen from far away.

Aquopolis Torrevieja

Zig-Zag, Mini Zig-Zag, Rapids and Black Hole

After the obligatory photo shoot, you will find a miniature golf course and a large number of rental loungers – also available in a luxury version – in the entrance area of Aquopolis Torrevieja. Past a small Polynesian lagoon landscape, followed by the medieval children’s area including Nessie, the paths all lead towards the only true sliding infrastructure in the park. Here you will find the two larger body slides called Zig-Zag, the smaller children’s slides Mini Zig-Zag, the broadband slide Speed Slide, and the two rather boring tyre slides Rapids and Black Hole.

While you hardly notice the ride on the Speed Slide because of all the water, at least the white Zig-Zag slide refreshes you to a very satisfactory degree. Due to the high speed you take off during the two jumps and get a good face wash due to a dammed up water front. Although the tight radii and the jumps are fun to do on the blue slide, it still lacks that certain something.


On the left side of the mountain in the Aquopolis Torrevieja there is a relatively small half-pipe slide called Boomerang. However, compared to the larger variants I know of, it has fairly high forces. This could be due to the very steep gradient, which is maintained for quite a long time. Due to the low water accumulation at the bottom, you are not slowed down as much, which on the other hand allows you to get very high on the other side. A few pendulum movements later you will be slowed down by the edge of the slide.

Speed and Kamikaze

On the other side of the mountain is the slide tower with the two kamikaze slides, which is clearly visible from the outside. The slide called Kamikaze masters a hill, while the slide called Speed goes straight to the ground. The yellow speed slide is quite comfortable and even the landing in the pool doesn’t end with an enema, whereas the red Kamikaze slide is much more exciting. Shortly after take-off you build up enough speed to spend some time in the air on the next descent. Due to the shortened run-out, landing in the pool is usually very turbulent, so it is not uncommon to be asked about your health condition after the slide.


The portfolio of the Aquopolis Torrevieja also includes a very small Lazy River, a small wave pool, where water gymnastics is also performed, and a small cable car, at the end of which the refreshing water inevitably awaits. All in all, the portfolio is very small to justify such an entrance fee at all – even the water parks in the Algarve were cheaper. The possibility of a queue skiping wristbands seems to me to be grossly exaggerated, but can be legitimate given the low capacity of all of the slides.


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