Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St.Englmar

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Alpine Coaster:Bayerwald Coaster (since 2008)
Part of the Amusement Park Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St. Englmar
Address:Grün 10
94379 Sankt Englmar
Operated by:Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St.Englmar GmbH

Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St.Englmar in Bavaria is a small excursion destination in the middle of the Bavarian Forest and home of the 1210m long Alpine Coaster Bayerwald-Coaster of the manufacturer Wiegand, which has a height difference of 60m. Despite the very serpentine layout, the course features a variety of jumps, waves and other fun elements that guarantee a varied and exciting ride on the 890m long downhill run.


Highlights of the Amusement Park



Bayerwald Coaster

A fun Alpine Coaster


The Coaster on the Egidi-Buckel


Due to the omission of the first waypoints we had more time than planned before, but our mobile phones could not use their full potential to plan further destinations due to the sometimes rather bad connection, so that the mountainman had to rush to our help. Due to the hero of Andreas Gabalier’s song, respectively his name idol Julian Bergemann, we quickly added the Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St.Englmar to our list, but due to another round on the Monte Coaster at Monte Kaolino the time was already very limited.

Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St.Englmar

Luckily, the Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St.Englmar didn’t finish at 6 p.m. and was still relatively well attended, so that a ride on the Alpine Coaster Bayerwald Coaster could still be done.

Bayerwald Coaster

The layout of the ride, which looks very serpentine from the outside, does not seem to be very exhilarating at first sight, but the ride builds up speed relatively fast. Thanks to several fast curve changes, the ride always feels fast before the big jump starts. One roundabout later, several smaller waves follow in wide curves before the ride comes to an end.

The Bayerwald Coaster was the last Wiegand ride of the day and a very entertaining one as well. A visit to the Egidi-Buckel in the near future will be worthwhile because next year the Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St.Englmar will be extended by a roller coaster made by Zierer.

Pictures Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St.Englmar


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