Château de Bridoire (2014)

On our way to Spain, my father and I stopped in Bergerac in Aquitaine. The small picturesque city was my home in 2005/06 and we wanted to say hi to my guest family, which I haven’t seen in ages. As we spend some days in Bergerac, we also visited some of the nearby places. The most memorable one of these was the Château de Bridoire.

The Château de Bridoire in in the heart of the Monbazillac wine region is the local castle of Ribagnac and a very fun place to visit. It describes itself as Le Château des 100 yeux (the castle of 100 games). During your visit through the beautifully restored rooms, you quickly start to be a child again when trying all the different games, which can be found either in the castle or its large garden. Thus, it is quite easy to loose your sense of time and quickly spend some hours on the castle grounds. A visit is highly recommended when being nearby.


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