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Theme Park:Serengeti Park (since 1974)
Address:Am Safaripark
29691 Hodenhagen
Operated by:Fam. Sepe

Serengeti ParkSerengeti Park in the Lüneburger Heide near Hodenhagen is a very large family-run animal and amusement park, whose main attraction is the approximately 7km long car safari, where you can get really close to the animals.

Since 1974 you can go on safari either by bus or in your own car. In addition, the Jungle Safari is a large area with walk-in enclosures where you can get a little closer to numerous species of monkeys. Away from the animal focus there is the Abenteuersafari, a classic amusement park, which impresses with all kinds of water rides and unique offers. For example, in the Serengeti Park you can take an adventure ride in a quad or monster truck.

Serengeti Park (2020)

After more than half a year of rehab I decided to go to the Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen today to finally have a ride again! The sympathetic animal and amusement park in the Lüneburg Heath has changed a lot since my last visit in 2013. Many rides have left the park, but in addition there are quite a number of unique attractions, which really make a visit to the Serengeti Park unforgettable.  The big and small novelties this year definitely speak for themselves. The ride on the Big Foot Safari was simply terrific and in the finals I simply pulled myself out of my seat. The Höllenblitz aka Safari Blitz is doing great in the Serengeti Park and the small revolving gondola roller coaster next door was a positive surprise – after all Safari Blitz Kids is completely unknown to the roller coaster community so far :).

But due to the corona, the visit was by no means normal. Many rides simply didn’t have any more capacity, which made the queues in some places look ridiculous. Furthermore, all safari attractions are often crowded with visitors who do not want to take the new rules of the park into account. This is a pity, as the park really tried hard in many ways and the staff was always attentive. It may have been Whitsun – the visitors really did come from all over the place – but I recommend a visit during the week when there is no rush.


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On Aqua-Safari at Serengeti Park

Although the last visit to Serengeti Park was only three years ago, a lot has changed in the park, some for the better, but unfortunately also some for the worse. With the sale of the two Huss rides of the Rainbow and Enterprise type to the Danish Sommerland Syd, not only two pearls of the German park scene have been lost, but also removed from the European park landscape, because Sommerland Syd, although the portfolio was outstandingly good at that time, could no longer hold its ground and closed its doors.

In that same season, however, Serengeti Park presented a novelty to the public, the Technical Park Typhoon Kumba Twister. This medium sized revolving swing with outside view and roof, which admittedly is very special, is nice. For a family park like the Serengeti Park, this ride is quite a highlight, after all, it is much more exciting than the larger HUSS Frisbees with the same seating position, which is mainly due to the quite varied ride, including directional changes. Compared to the Italian manufacturers, Technical Park is far overshadowed by the companies Zamperla and Fabbri, because their rides, apart from their diversified riding style, also score with an insanely high airtime, which you unfortunately only feel to a certain extent here.

During our last visit to the new ride, there was too much traffic to take the ride, and admittedly the Rainbow was taking up all our time, so the Aqua-Safari finally had to be tested. The ride in the original airboats from Florida mainly consists of flat jokes, stylish wrecked animatronics, a fast-paced ride across the big lake and the skillful humidification of the passengers, preferably in the first row. Since the main component is the sophisticated entertainment by the drivers of the boats during the ride, it doesn’t bother that the actual ride on the lake is a little bit more family-friendly and only provides a little wind.

The boat tour on the tracks of King Kong offers besides the interaction with the guide a storyline at the end of which you will find an old acquaintance, because the King Kong used, whose scene reminds us of a new version of the Jungle Safari from Djurs Sommerland, is also misused as a decoration for a ride of the same name, as you can find it for example in the Belgian Bobbejaanland. Shortly after looking at the rather large figure from Heimotion the ride on the Aqua-Safari is unfortunately almost over.

While the jungle safari can only score points with flat jokes – after all, the figures used are mercilessly inviting – the Aqua Safari also offers a good driving experience, which is still unique in this form. Both safaris are a lot of fun and should not be missed, because they are the reason to go to the Serengetipark besides the main attraction, the big animal safari.

In general, Serengeti Park is a really nice family park, with a focus on the big safari and only limited investment in the theme park part. Since the portfolio of rides is almost too big for this park it makes sense to upgrade its old stock, as they showed at the Top Spin and will probably do so at the Calypso next door, and to reduce it if necessary. On the other hand the park reminds in many places of a Danish summerland, so it would be advisable to remove the existing playgrounds from their 80s charm and to extend them. In addition, it would make sense to build further activities independent of the carnival and, if necessary, to initiate a water park, because something like this is missing in the north and would certainly be popular during the high season.


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