Serengeti Park (2020)

The novelties of Serengeti-Park

Safari-Blitz, Safari-Blitz-Kids and the Big Foot Safari

After more than half a year of rehab I decided to go to the Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen today to finally have a ride again! The sympathetic animal and amusement park in the Lüneburg Heath has changed a lot since my last visit in 2013. Many rides have left the park, but in addition there are quite a number of unique attractions, which really make a visit to the Serengeti Park unforgettable.  The big and small novelties this year definitely speak for themselves. The ride on the Big Foot Safari was simply terrific and in the finals I simply pulled myself out of my seat. The Höllenblitz aka Safari Blitz is doing great in the Serengeti Park and the small revolving gondola roller coaster next door was a positive surprise – after all Safari Blitz Kids is completely unknown to the roller coaster community so far :).

The visit during the Covid-19 pandemic

But due to the corona, the visit was by no means normal. Many rides simply didn’t have any more capacity, which made the queues in some places look ridiculous. Furthermore, all safari attractions are often crowded with visitors who do not want to take the new rules of the park into account. This is a pity, as the park really tried hard in many ways and the staff was always attentive. It may have been Whitsun – the visitors really did come from all over the place – but I recommend a visit during the week when there is no rush.

Pictures Serengeti Park


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