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Theme Park:Efteling (since 1952)
Part of the Resort
Efteling Theme Park Resort
Address:Europalaan 1
5171 KW Kaatsheuvel
Operated by:Stichting Natuurpark de Efteling

Baron 1898 • B&M Dive Coaster • EftelingEfteling in Kaatsheuvel, Noord-Brabant ist the biggest and most visited theme park in the Netherlands. The amusement park originated as a fairytale forest in 1952, but originally as a nature park in the 1930s, where a total of 10 fairytales were told. Under the direction of the artist Anton Pieck, after whom the central square with a few smaller carousels in the Marerijk area is named, the fairytale forest grew steadily and – unlike most other theme parks – never lost its importance. Beside the talking tree Sprookjesboom, which tells the children the fairy tales of Sprookjesbos in Dutch, you will find some bizarre and very interesting things, such as the Indian water lilies or the flying fakir. Especially with smaller children you can easily spend most of your time in the park in this area.

The park is home to a large number of very impressive and highly immersive dark rides. It also houses a fine selection of roller coasters for the whole family. The park’s slogan “World of Wonders” quickly comes to reality, when you start to discover all the details presented in the park. Especially the talking rubbish bins Holle Bolle Gijs will stick in your memories, as they always did for many generations before.

Fun Fact #1: The roller coaster Python was once the largest roller coaster in Europe and one of the first coasters ever build to feature four inversions. At one point in the past, Efteling planned to even enlarge the roller coaster by adding many exiting new ride sections to the coaster. Unfortunately, these plans were never realised. The roller coaster itself never lost anything of its importance and the track was recently being replaced.

Carnaval Festival • Mack Rides Darkride • EftelingFun Fact #2: Nearly all the music, which you will encounter during your day, is written for the park. The evening show Aquanura is a great way to celebrate these tunes and relive all your adventures during the day.

Fun Fact #3: Efteling is open all year round and features some of the best theme park events out there. With the Efteling Summer Festival or Winter Efteling, every theme park enthusiast will be absolutely overwhelmed by the offering of the park.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Baron 1898

Pride comes before a fall


Carnaval Festival • Mack Rides Darkride • Efteling


Carnaval Festival

A fun trip around the world


Droomvlucht • Vekoma Darkride • Efteling



The dream flight


Fata Morgana • Intamin Dark Ride • Efteling


Fata Morgana

An enchanting journey




Halve Maen

Europe’s largest boat swing


Joris en de Draak


Joris en de Draak

A fast-paced race on the wooden roller coaster



Max + Moritz

Two family roller coasters


Python • Vekoma MK1200 • Efteling



The Dutch classic




A modern dark ride


Villa Volta


Villa Volta

The first Mad House


Vliegende Hollander • KumbaK Water Coaster • Efteling


Vliegende Hollander

The water roller coaster with the cursed ship


Vogel Rok


Vogel Rok

A great indoor coaster



Past Highlights of the Theme Park





A breathtaking bobsleigh run


Polka Marina • Vekoma Regatta • Efteling


Polka Marina

A very interesting ride


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