Theme Park:Nigloland (since 1987)
Address:Rue de la Vallée de Landoin
10200 Dolancourt
Operated by:Fam. Gélis

Alpina Blitz • Mack Rides Mega Coaster • NiglolandNigloland in Dolancourt is a medium sized, family-run theme park in the Grand Est region of France. The park opened in 1987 by the showman Patrice und Philippe Gélis. Since then the park developed into a beautiful theme park with picturesque gardens and themed areas. It currently houses six roller coasters and a bunch of very interessting flat rides and other attractions.

Fun Fact #1: The rotation of the gondolas of the ghost train Manoir Hanté are driven by gravity only. Due to the inclination of the track to one of the sides, the gondolas rotate smoothly to always focus the big scenes of this factastic dark ride.

Fun Fact #2: There is a bar on the King of Mississippi boat tour. The relaxing ride on the big lake in the Canadian section of the park offers a nice little escape of the hustle and bustle of the park.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Air Meeting

The first Sky Fly



Alpina Blitz

A fun Mega Coaster



Descente en Schlitt’

A modern Wild Mouse



Donjon de l’Extrême

A large drop tower



Gold Mine Train

A great Powered Coaster




A Disk’o Coaster



Manoir Hanté

The handmade Ghost Train



Niglo Show

An Animatronic Show



Spatiale Expérience

An awesome Indoor-Coaster



Past Highlight of the Theme Park




The heavily themed City Jet


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