Dénia (2020)

Starting from the Ermita del Pare Pere in Dénia my aunt and I went on a small hike on the southern side of the Montgó mountain. Here, we visited the Cova de l’Aigua and had a look at the Racó del Bou on our way back. All in all, we spend about three hours on the 5,4 km long trail and enjoyed the view down to the city of Dénia with every step. The paths to the grotto Cova de l’Aigua are slim, but still fine for many Spaniards for jogging up and down – a very interesting activity, which I would not even dare to try. The paths in direction of Racó del Bou are harder to walk on, but still easily manageable, although sometimes quite slippery. On this path you can also start your climb towards the peak of the Montgó.

After our morning hike, we drove down to the sea front to have a nice breakfast in one of the countless cafés. We stopped at the restaurant Movida Dénia at Calle del Pont, which I can recommend.


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Fonts de l’Algar (2020)

In the middle of the mountains near the city of Benidorm the Rio Algar has its source. For about five decades now, the water-bearing part of the river has been used for tourism. A large number of restaurants, an open-air dinosaur museum and a public pool, better known to many under the name Fonts de l’Algar (the springs of the Algar), have been built. The bath is located on several levels in the middle of a gorge. On the lowest level there is a rather high waterfall in a picturesque setting, but the real highlight is in a currently closed-off area on the upper levels of the bath – but proper footwear and some climbing skills are required.

Due to Covid-19 there was a one-way street system this year, which all bathers followed. As a result, the main entrance at the waterfall had to be started at the main entrance, because the side entrance, where the free parking spaces are located, was blocked this year – as well as the parking spaces… Well, so we parked at one of the numerous restaurants.

As the opening hours were split up into intervals, we waited for about 40 minutes at the entrance before we went into the pool. However, this meant that we were among the first bathers, which meant that we were mostly on our own for the time being. In the course of time, however, it became relatively crowded, whereby the safety distance was always given – indeed, the Spanish are very cautious.

After we cooled down under the waterfall in the icy cold water of the Rio Algar we went straight to the higher levels of the Fonts de l’Algar where the river is a bit wider and quite shallow. If you follow the river further up from here you will reach the most beautiful part of the river after a few minutes. In a breathtaking gorge you can let yourself drift and relax. The brave ones can dive under a rock if the water level is high enough – although I personally advise against it. In July, at least, you could easily pass through the passage and follow the river further; but this was hardly worth it, because shortly after that the river is gone and you only walk over rocks.

The Fonts de l’Algar at least are a must for every Costa Blanca tourist and therefore always worth a visit!


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Comunidad Valenciana (2020)

On my last day in Madrid I took the train at the Puerta de Atocha station towards Valencia. It was my first experience with the Spanish high speed train AVE and I was very satisfied, although I found it kinda strange to go through an airport like check-in process just to catch a train. But that’s not the only strange thing, as funnily enough it took me several attemps before I could even buy tickets at a vending machine.

Once on the train, I enjoyed the great comfort of the Tourista Plus class and the free and awesomely fast internet. Before you even start noticing it, you arrive your destination in no time at all. Once in Valencia, I had to change the train station. Interestingly, the Estació del Nord was just around the corner of the Valencia Joaquín Sorolla station. Here I catched the Cercanias Renfe to Gandia, where my father was already waiting for my arrival.


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