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Theme Park:Belmont Park (since 1925)
Address:3146 Mission Blvd
92109 San Diego
Operated by:San Diego Coaster Co.

Belmont Park not far from SeaWorld San Diego is a small Seaside Amusement Park in San Diego, CA, which opened its doors in 1925. A lot has changed here over the years, but the park’s main attraction has always been the wooden roller coaster Giant Dipper. Other attractions in the park include an ice cream-themed Tilt-a-Whirl, the Chance Rides Fireball Beach Blaster and the interactive looping rides Octotron and Flip Out.

Giant Dipper

After leaving the station on a bend, we immediately enter a long tunnel, at the end of which the ride’s lift hill awaits us. This takes us to a starting height of around 22 metres. Once at the top, we immediately ride down a tight steep curve, which is a little too steep in the valley and shakes us back and forth a little, just before we take on a big hill. After a long double down, we reach the other end of the rollercoaster and change direction in a big turnaround, just like the first drop. Well shaken, we hurtle over a series of hills to the other end of the ride, where another steep turn awaits us. This is also followed by a series of classic airtime hills. Finally, the track takes us through a long Bavarian curve before we reach the ride’s braking section.

The Giant Dipper at Belmont Park has a pretty daring layout for a wooden roller coaster that is almost 100 years old and, unfortunately, it rides accordingly. The steeply inclined valleys are somewhat reminiscent of the French funfair rollercoaster The King, but we don’t necessarily have to expect to get a wipeout on this one – instead, we either make an uncomfortable acquaintance with the side wall of the train or our seat neighbours. I therefore decided not to go on another ride.

Pictures Belmont Park

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