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Theme Park:Paultons Park
Paulton's Park and Bird Garden (1983 - ?)
SO51 6AL Romsey
Operated by:Fam. Mancey

Paultons ParkPaultons Park in Romsey near Southampton is a medium-sized theme park, which is known nationwide as Peppa Pig World. However, the amusement park run by the Marcey family offers much more than just a toddler area around a well-known IP. The park has a large number of family-friendly rides, a beautiful garden and several truly remarkable themed areas.

Fun Fact #1: You really have to look for the name of the amusement park on many flyers – usually the toddler area Peppa Pig World is equated with the theme park and marketed accordingly.

Fun Fact #2: In the opening year of Peppa Pig World, the number of visitors doubled. An unparalleled success, which has made the current development of the amusement park possible.


Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park





The medium-sized family coaster





The ride with the hills and the helices



Dino Chase

The smallest family coaster




The Edge

A spinning roller coaster ride


Flight of the Pterosaur


Flight of the Pterosaur

A very fine Suspended Family Coaster





A fast paced family ride


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