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Theme Park:Cinecittà World (since 2014)
Address:Via di Castel Romano 200
00128 Roma
Operated by:Cinecittà Holding

Cinecittà World located in Rome is one of the most interesting theme parks in Italy. It is built on the former site of the Dinocittà Studios and is run by the Cinecittà Holding, one of the big movie studios in Europe. Unlike other movie based theme parks the park is not focussing on well-known licences, rather on the general topic of making a movie.

The park offers a bunch of high quality shows and attractions. All of them were given a great theme, which once again was built to a very high standard.


Highlights of the Theme Park





The Mack Rides Spillwater





A truly good 10 Inversion Coaster





A great free fall tower





The wonderful hell ride


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