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Theme Park:Zoomarine (since 2005)
Address:Via dei Romagnoli
00040 Torcaianica
Operated by:Dolphin Discovery

ZoomarineZoomarine is one of the more famous amusement parks near the city of Rome. The park was founded in 2005 by the Mundo Aquatico and is famous for its marine animal shows. It now belongs to the Dolphin Discovery Group, one of the largest operators of dolphin theme parks. Although the animal and amusement park offers only a manageable number of rides and other attractions, the existing shows and animal enclosures are sufficient to spend a full day at the park. The park also offers a water park with several slides and a flow rider.


Highlights of the Water, Animal and Theme Park


Blue River


Blue River

A large log flume




A classic Looping Star




Water Park

A great way to cool down


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