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Unfortunately, the Compagnie des Alpes decided to not operate their Shuttle Loop roller coaster model (Turbine) just some days towards our visit to Walibi Belgium. Fortunately, I had the honor to ride the ride back in 2008.

Lot has changed in the park since my last visit to the worse. Although this time the Flashback ran without any problems, there was a great potential for improvement on almost everything. Positively, the remains of the roller coaster Vertigo could not be found everywhere in the park.

Tour of the park

Cobra and Palais du Génie

Since the crowds in the morning are always go in the anti-clockwise direction around the lake, it is recommended to start the round tour with the most gentle of all Vekoma Boomerangs, called Cobra. If you follow this path you can ride the really beautiful Vekoma Mad House Palais du Génie without any queues. Unluckily, the music was quiet, so that we could hear the drum doing some cracking noises.

Radja River and Flashback

Radja River was as drenching as always. When it started to rain, we rode this ride and flashback alternately. There is only one point in the ride where you could get soaked, but it is a quite efficient one.

The log flume Flashback is one of the best, albeit also one of the strangest, log flumes out there. The tunnel after the first descent can get you very wet, especially the people who are sitting in the front of the boat. While the people in the back of the boat should worry about their clothes on the last drop. The industry look of the ride is just brilliant and very well harmonised with the nearby roller coaster turbine. This theme is truly different and special.

Challenge of Tutankhamon

The dark ride Challenge of Tutankhamon is a very great ride by the American company Sally. The different paths of the cars make this rides to one of the best of its kind. Especially the end is just awesome, as long as you are able to defeat the boss. However, the building is a bit out of the way and can easily be overlooked, especially if you are not allowed to ride the small Tivoli Coaster on the forecourt.

Calamity Mine, Dalton Terror and Buzzsaw

If you follow the round tour past some broken rides you reach the western area of Walibi Belgium, where you can find the mine train roller coaster Calamity Mine. The ride itself is gentle, but the overall theming is just great. The adjacent Intamin Drop Tower Dalton Terror can be skipped, especially since some tracks are always broken. The Top Spin Buzzsaw is among the worst rides ever build, but celebrated by the anti-social public within the park. The screeching French gits make it quite an amusing one to watch.

Loup Garou and Vampire

The two remaining roller coasters Loup Garou (werewolf) and Vampire were a lot worse than in 2008. It may have been due to the lack of care. The suspended looping coaster was operated extremely slow. You spend quite a long time in the lifthill and went through the track so slowly, that you could have been happy to arrive back into the station at the end of the ride.

Closing Words

Later in the day, we only switched between Flashback, the Darkride Challenge of Tutankhamon and Radja River. Walibi Belgium itself clearly has a bigger problem with its guests than the Movie Park Germany, and incidentally has got into a disastrous condition. Let’s see how the future for the park will be like.


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