Sommer- und Winterrodelbahn Wippra (2015)

When I last visited Wippra the Sommer- und Winterrodelbahn Wippra was unfortunately closed for technical reasons. On the off chance I dared to visit it again, since the web site, which had been neglected for years, unfortunately does not provide any data on whether it was open or not, and lo and behold, after I had paid the price for a ride – which was higher than the price listed in the ticket office list – the ride could start right away.

Sommer- und Winterrodelbahn Wippra • Wiegand Alpine Coaster

After leaving the lift there is a short right-hand bend, whereupon one immediately increases speed in a left-hand bend. This speed is continuously increased on the following straight before it goes into a wide right turn and then over a small gradient. In a small tunnel you change direction and race down the slope for a few meters before you approach the highlight of the course in a wide right turn. With full speed you pass a bigger jump and after another turn you pass two waves. Then you go around a small lake featuring a Nautic Jet from Heege, only to take off a little bit in the sled in another jump. Two turns later you reach the end of the Sommer- und Winterrodelbahn Wippra.


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