Over the Bode using a witches’ broom


The Wie-Hex installations are certainly not among the most popular products of the manufacturer Wiegand, which is known above all for its toboggan runs and steel tub slides. Nevertheless, this year a second generation witches’ broom in a remarkable version, the Boderitt, was installed in the second fun park of the Seilbahnen Thale Erlebniswelt, near the cable car up to the Hexentanzplatz and in the immediate vicinity of the first generation witches’ broom.

Seilbahnen Thale Erlebniswelt


A little later than I thought, I reached the Erlebniswelt in the Bode Valley – which is run by the manufacturer Wiegand – only to be at the Boderitt way too early. Although the opening hours were clear, the new Wie-Hex had not even completed his test rounds, and even worse, it had not even started. Only on demand the ride was set in motion, but it was much colder than expected and the cars had a hard time to make the track at all. After almost an hour, a technician started up the ride after numerous attempts.

With the course of the day completely turned upside down, I was able to take a seat in the vehicle familiar from the Ski- und Rodelarena Wasserkuppe. After inserting the necessary 3 chips, the vehicle immediately starts moving and climbs the first lift hill. Without any noticeable deflection you make a left turn and then a small detour along the terrace of the restaurant. After a further left turn, the car is braked almost to a standstill in the following right turn, as the second lift hill is approaching. Back on a higher level, followed by a swerve, there is a serpentine-like play of curves that is driven somewhat faster, whereupon the third lift hill is reached. You also leave this hill in a left turn, followed by a wide right turn. Not surprisingly, after another change of direction you reach the final lift. The now following slope is a little more distinctive and the two curves also have a narrower radius through which the gondola swings a little more. However, also in this case, one is braked too soon and consequently one crawls towards the exit position.

The Boderitt is only remarkable because of its size, unfortunately not due to the ride. Compared to the witches broom of the Wasserkuppe, the swinging of the cars is almost non-existent, neither rocking forwards or backwards nor swinging to the side. Admittedly, the ride was certainly not yet sufficiently run in at that time and therefore the swinging might have been much lesser than in the late afternoon; but that doesn’t make the track, whose highlight in the end were the four lifts themselves and the final curves, any better. Nevertheless, it enlivens Funpark 2 at Seilbahnen Thale Erlebniswelt and fills it well, as does the new water ride from the manufacturer Zierer.

Pictures Seilbahnen Thale Erlebniswelt


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