An afternoon in Thale


Since my father wanted to be picked up from the Magdeburg airport, about 30 km away from the state capital, in Cochstedt, I was drawn to the east of the republic, of course with a little stopover. On the access road to the city of Thale I had some doubts if the whole thing was such a good idea, but the closer I came to the cable cars, the better I felt. Arrived at the Seilbahnen Thale Erlebniswelt, I immediately went on a discovery tour through the park that is divided into four areas. The fun park 1 with chair lift and a quite attractive high ropes course, the cable car with miniature golf under the first support, the witches’ dance square with theatre, animal park and Alpine Coaster, as well as a little aside the fun park 2.

A tour through the Seilbahnen Thale Erlebniswelt


The latter area contains the only flying coaster in Germany, a trampoline and a few bumper boats and is rather small. The Hexenbesen is only permitted up to a weight of 65kg, which is why I was a bit worried about getting stuck during my ride. The ride itself is not very fast and is like a wacky worm except for the different riding postion. Only the accelerator shortly before the end of the ride is quite funny. The degree of freedom in the tube is, as soon as you manage to crawl in it, quite big.


With a combi-ticket in hand, the gondola lift took us up high. But don’t worry, for people with fear of heights there is the possibility to come by car to the witches’ dance square. After a few meters of walking I already took a seat in the Harzbob, the Alpine Coaster of the Seilbahnen Thale Erlebniswelt. Unfortunately, the ride was a bit slow and the track needed time to get up to speed, so despite the very friendly staff, the Harzbob doesn’t finish far up. The Harzbob is roughly comparable to the Weserberglandbob in Bodenwerder.

Funpark 1

Back in the valley I was drawn to the last roller coaster of the Seilbahnen Thale Erlebniswelt. It is located in Funpark 1 and is a genuine butterfly made by Heege. The ride was very quiet and luckily not as short as the one in the Tierpark Nadermann. Also here I had to invest one Euro.

Before I left the city, I went up to the chairlift for one last ride. There is a fairy tale pavilion at the top, but as it costs money and the last ride of the day was getting closer and closer, I decided to go back down and walk through Thale instead.


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