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Theme Park:Tokyo Dome City Attractions
(since 2003)
Korakuen Amusement Park (1955 - 2002)
Address:1 Chome 3-6-1
Tokyo 112-0004
Operated by:Tokyo Dome Co., Ltd

Tokyo Dome City Attractions (東京ドームシティ) located near the train station Suidōbashi amidst the city of Tokyo is one of the most significant theme parks in Japan. The amusement park was established in 1955 as a supplement to the entertainment facilities of the Korakuen Stadium, built in 1937. As part of a restructuring of the site, the name was changed from Korakuen Yuenchi to Tokyo Dome City.

Fun Fact #1: The Thunder Dolphin roller coaster has a height of 80m, but only a maximum height difference of 66.5m.

Fun Fact #2: The Big-O Ferris Wheel is the only one of its kind with a roller coaster going through it.


Highlights of the Tivoli


Big O



The hubless Ferris Wheel


Thunder Dolphin


Thunder Dolphin

The awesome Mega Coaster


Thunder Dolphin


Wonder Drop

The log flume of the leisure centre


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