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Theme Park:Alton Towers (since 1980)
Part of the Resort Alton Towers Resort
Address:Farley Lane
ST10 4DB
Alton (bei Stoke-on-Trent)
Operated by:Merlin Entertainments Group

Alton Towers, located in the heart of the Midlands near Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, is one of the largest theme parks in the UK and offers a wide range of family-friendly rides for all ages. However, the park cannot and should not be limited to these. The large gardens and not least the ruins of the towers provide the park with a unique backdrop that is unparalleled worldwide.

With a total of 10 roller coasters, many of which – as part of the Secret-Weapon program – were world premieres, the park actually offers everything that makes an enthusiast’s heart beat faster.

Fun Fact #1: None of the attractions are allowed to be built higher than the treetops around them. For this reason, you fall into a 40m deep tunnel in Oblivion and make your way through a path blasted through stone in Nemesis.

Fun Fact #2: The Mad House Hex Legend of the Towers deals with the history of Chained Oak, which can still be admired today on the grounds of Chained Oak Farm directly opposite the theme park. 


Highlights of the Theme Park



Congo River Rapids

A proper Rapid River



Curse at Alton Manor

A great ghost train





The flying coaster that used to be called Air



Hex the Legend of the Towers

or the legend of the Chained Oak





Alton Towers finest coaster





Don’t look down




Rita Queen of Speed

Launch and turnarounds, what more do you need?



Runaway Mine Train

Ein sehr solider Powered Coaster


Sonic Spinball


Spinball Whizzer

A great spinning coaster


The Smiler


The Smiler

14 Inversions of pure madness





Free fall on the roller coaster


Wicker Man


Wicker Man

Offerings wanted



Past Highlights of the Theme Park



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Large dark ride with motion simulator at the end



Nemesis Subterra

The story of Nemesis, told through an indoor free fall tower




The legendary Top Spin





The double inverting madness



The Flume

Quack, Quack


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