Van Helsing’s Factory Speciaal

Movie Park Germany – Van Helsing’s Factory

The official opening

Shortly before 10 am I reached the park and immediately set off for the roller coaster. Since David, Thomas, and a few other people had the same idea, it didn’t take long until shortly after 11 am when park manager Wouter Dekkers came out of the hall and started the show.

The park put on a stunt show to match the story of the new roller coaster before the factory keys were handed over to Wouter Dekkers. Van Helsing, who has recently recorded increased vampire activity in Germany, is quite happy to have built his factory in the park to produce his ultimate vampire slaughter cars. But since Dracula’s army is not waiting, he takes us into one of the cars for the ride.

The ride

After Van Helsing asks you to choose a weapon in a short sequence, you are already on the chain lift. Through a small roof hatch we learn that it is full moon outside and not a second later the first vampire appears. This is followed by the for a Bobsled Coaster so charismatic curve descent. This is followed by the probably most intense hairpin curves you can imagine in complete darkness. To top it all off, small drops were introduced in between.

After this insane first part, we are already on the second lift. Animatronics come from the side and a huge vampire is already waiting for us. A helix follows and some pretty daring turns, similar to what you are used to from Gerstlauer lately. Shortly afterwards we enter the final brakes of the roller coaster with a surprising amount of speed.


In conclusion, when looking at Van Helsing’s Factory, it has to be said that Movie Park Germany has finally done everything right. The theming of the ride is a masterpiece, as is the roller coaster produced by Gerstlauer. The ride is simply fun and despite its comparatively low height and speed it is quite fast and intense.


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