A visit to the Affen- und Vogelpark

Affen- und Vogelpark Eckenhagen

After visiting the McPlay Freudenberg, we continued to the Affen- und Vogelpark in Eckenhagen. As black storm clouds all over North Rhine Westphalia decorated the sky, I was glad to have some blue sky above my head when I entered the park.

The enclosures in the animal park Affen- und Vogelpark make a really nice impression and around the park, there are free-running chickens. I knew something like this only with the pot-bellied pigs from the Wildpark Schwarze Berge , but chickens were something new for me.

After I took the tram down the mountain, I already saw the object of my desire: The Heege Butterfly, which unfortunately cost 50cents. In this corner you will also find another some other exotic rides by Heege and other playground equipment from their product catalog.

When I reached my goal, I wanted to explore the rest of the park, but the weather was against me. I had some fun with some of the monkeys and a Sulfur-crested Cockatoo who was constantly singing ChaChaCha. As tame as the bird was, he apparently longed for a partner. Luckily, he has not learned any curse words from the park guests and therefore entertains a quite family-friendly.

Shortly afterwards the storm broke over me. The rain was pouring, it was hailing and lightning went down just few meters of me. Since I did not feel comfortable with this situation, I decided to head back for Hamburg. I had some food at the park’s indoor hall and also enjoyed a ride on the the Heege airtime swing.

When I left the park, the sun shone brightly. All of the park’s unpaved paths went very muddy, so I left out the whole left park section where the outdoor enclosure for the monkeys is located. The Affen- und Vogelpark is a nice smaller animal park, which is worth a visit when you are nearby.

Pictures Affen- und Vogelpark Eckenhagen


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