A stopover at McPlay Freudenberg

McPlay Freudenberg

The McPlay Freudenberg in Freudenberg, South Westphalia, is not only a park that lists socks among its attractions, but also a children’s paradise where adults let their ADHD-suffering children play and pick them up again after some coffee and cake, completely exhausted.

Therefore, a visit for an adult and childless person is rather unattractive, unless you consider the two roller coasters in the park. The entrance fee here is three euros for adults and seven euros for the children, which is why the park has a very good price-performance ratio that I would like to see more often at other parks.

The Heege rides

The relevant rides for roller coaster and amusement park fans are products from SBF Visa and Heege. Here you can enjoy the extremely rare Heege Loopingstar – an inverting ferris wheel where you control your spin –, a round of intense airtime on the comet swing, or even take a ride on the Nautic Jet and the Butterfly.


The larger roller coaster at McPlay Freudenberg is a mine-train coaster from the manufacturer SBF Visa. Instead of lorries, this small roller coaster offers airplanes as cars that dash over the track in the form of a simple eight lap by lap. The ride is quite funny to ride, and somehow more exciting than a Big Apple, which makes it a good addition for such a park.


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