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Theme Park:Drayton Manor Theme Park
Drayton Manor (1949 - ?)
Part of the Resort
Drayton Manor Theme Park
Address:Drayton Manor Drive
B78 3TW
Operated by:Fam. Bryan

Drunken BarrelsDrayton Manor Theme Park in Drayton Bassett nearby Tamworth, Staffordshire is one of the biggest theme parks in the United Kingdom. The animal and amusement park is open all year round – although the rides themselves only operates seasonally – and can look back on a very long history.

Founded in 1949, the park houses a variety of family-friendly rides, including the only stand-up coaster made by Intamin left in the world. The Shockwave roller coaster offers a breathtaking ride over the Splash Canyon rapids ride.

In general, the park is very well designed and is one of the most beautiful in the country. The animal park belonging to the park is very rich in species and a species-appropriate animal husbandry is given value.

Fun Fact #1: The Shockwave roller coaster is one of just two Stand-Up roller coasters in Europe!

Fun Fact #2: On the Pandemonium ride, Drayton Manor wants you not to scream. Indeed, an interesting activity on a thrill ride.


Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park


Ben 10 Ultimate Mission



The first Family Boomerang




Drayton Manor Zoo

The zoo within the theme park





A very intense swing



River Rapids

The rapid river beneath the roller coaster





The last Intamin Stand-Up Coaster




Stormforce 10

A very innovative log flume


The Haunting


The Haunting

The spooky Mad House



Past Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park





Britains best freefall tower





The unique X-Car Coaster





Please don’t scream


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