The mountain coaster at Steinwasen Park

Since my last visit to Steinwasen Park, not much has happened in the park itself. In 2014, an Alpine Coaster from the Wiegand company opened in the park. In the meantime, the Schwarzwaldpark was acquired and converted into Tatzmania Löffingen.  


Parallel to the chairlift, we climb the lift of the coaster. At the top, we slowly pick up speed over a few waves and curves before we enter the first helix. After a few bends, the second helix awaits us. Now much faster, we can have a race with the two luge tracks for a while. But even this is only short-lived, as we immediately turn off to the left. Far above an animal enclosure, we make our way to another helix. This is followed by a fairly straight path with only one wave, which leads us to the finale of the ride. This also takes place through a helix.  

The Coasterbahn is a very gentle alpine coaster with a pleasant length. The ride basically offers no real highlight; with the exception of a few waves, there are only helices and a few leisurely curves, but that’s about it. As a starter ride before the nearby Hasenhorncoaster in Todtnau, the ride is certainly not a bad choice.

Pictures Steinwasen Park


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