Erlebnisfelsen Pottenstein

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Alpine Coaster:Frankenbob (since 2003)
Part of the Erlebnisfelsen Pottenstein
(since 2018)
Rodelmekka Pottenstein (2016 – 2017)
Sommerrodelbahnen Pottenstein
(? - 2016)
Address:Am langen Berg 50
91278 Pottenstein
Operated by:Wiegand Erlebnisberge GmbH

The Erlebnisfelsen Pottenstein is one of the Wiegand Erlebnisberge and is operated as a showcase by the manufacturer himself. Where initially only the Frankenrodel luge entertained the visitors, there is now a small amusement park with an Alpine Coaster, Hexenbesen and the imposing Skywalk viewing platform.

Fun Fact: Access to the Erlebnisfelsen Pottenstein is no longer located at the valley level. The infrastructure of the Sommerrodelbahnen Pottenstein still exists, but is no longer used.


Highlights of the Amusement Park




An alpine coaster




The luge of the Erlebnisberg




A small suspended coaster


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