An unexpectedly comfortable night in Caen

The last night of the trip I spent in the city of Caen near the famous Museum Mémorial de Caen. The way from Parc Saint Paul was incredibly time consuming and exhausting. It was only improved from Rouen onwards, as the route then continued on the A13 motorway. Unfortunately, the route past Rouen was one of the reasons why the tour later became more expensive than originally planned. With only one km/h over the tolerance I got a 90€ expensive photo from France. Tant pis! If you are travelling in the north of France yourself, just drive a bit slower. In general, not much will happen to you when you are driving normally.

Shortly after 8 pm I reached the Première Classe Caen Nord – Mémorial. Unlike the Première Classe Marne-la-Vallée Torcy, where I had spent the previous three nights, this hotel was much newer and at the same time unexpectedly comfortable. The room was very spacious and the bathroom was exceptionally large. It even had its own shower cubicle. The price-performance ratio is accordingly very good, which is why I can definitely recommend this hotel.

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