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Theme Park:Bobbejaanland (since 1961)
2460 Lichtaart
Operated by:Parques Reunidos

Bobbejaanland in Lichtaart nearby Antwerp is one of the biggest Belgian theme parks. The park was founded in 1961 by the Flemish singer and entertainer Bobbejaan Schoepen and is currently being run by the Spanish Group Parques Reunidos. The park features some interesting and rare rides, e.g. the only Vekoma illusion coaster in operation, where the ride hardware is enhanced by a large video projection onto the ceiling.

Fun Fact #1: Till some years ago, the park had a wind turbine on its properties. Although it never seemed to be active, there was a running gag that it could generate all the energy needed for park operations.

Fun Fact #2: The Hafema Raft Ride Rio Dorado is one of just two raft rides ever build with a giant wheel like lift. None of these are in operation.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Bob Express

The powered coaster with a bit of Airtime



El Rio

Mind the wave




Forwards or Backwards, it’s you to descide



Indiana River

The infamous indoor log flume



Nara Bay

The spinning coaster formally known as Dizz



Oki Doki

A very fun family coaster




The infamous indoor coaster with the world’s longest train




What a view!




It’s all about the rolls



Past Highlight of the Theme Park



Fly Away

The modern variant of an old classic


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