A thoroughly positive start to the season on Krake

The Kraken

Right to the start of the season, we lined up directly at the new roller coaster Krake. First we had to wait until something moved at all. After a certain time both trains in use were sent on the ride and the audience in the queue was very speechless of what was offered. Shortly before 10am the baggage claim opened, as one is used to from the English Merlin parks and so we didn’t have to queue up to the gates for long. Somewhat negatively is to be noted the division of the rows, since there is no separate queue, the crowds of visitors are slightly jammed.

As for the ride on the Krake, I can only say that it is very surprising. The layout is stunning and the airtime is terrific. The Immelmann can be considered as a good ride element (after all, this one is better than the ones on rides like Saw – the Ride and Anubis), the following airtime hill has wonderful floating airtime, even the curve is taken at a wonderful speed. The drop itself is of course the highlight for the outside spectators as well as for the passengers of the ride, thanks to the chain brake.

Less important from the actual ride is the splash of the roller coaster Krake. While the coaster silently completes its course, one doesn’t notice anything of the water fountains. But for the soaker among us there is a wonderful splash zone near the entrance of the roller coaster Big Loop.


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