The bite of the Cobra of Amun Ra

Changes in Belantis

I make no secret that I like the Leipzig amusement park Belantis with its summerland-like character and its almost too friendly staff. Besides its good portfolio of rides, it is especially the small attractions along the wayside, which the park seems to master to perfection. They create a successful ambience and, in combination with the park’s rather pleasant audience, positively influence the time spent in the park. Of course, not everything is perfect in the 2003 created park; for example, it still lacks a circuit without a dead end and one or the other tree, but at least it is nothing that could not be improved in the coming years. After all, the last two years have shown that it is possible to be a little more willing to invest than in the years before. As a result, the area around the big roller coaster Huracan has lost a bit of its insularity, although the small 23m long Kiddy Racer by the manufacturer Gerstlauer is only used as an entry level roller coaster for the very small ones, which is admittedly very cute when you watch it. This year’s novelty, the roller coaster Cobra des Amun Ra in the Egyptian themed area of the park, is more suitable for older children.

Cobra des Amun Ra

The coaster is identical in construction to the Dragon Fly roller coaster from the Dutch amusement park Duinrell, but it was wonderfully staged. The station and a large part of the queue are located inside a temple complex, which robs you of the feeling of space because of the confusing corridors inside. The light effect of the collapsing columns and walls towards the end of the queue is brilliant, but the Turkish Christmas illumination before isn’t. I can hardly imagine that the rapidly changing play of light has not yet brought any victims to light, because without a warning about the possibility of an epileptic seizure, the queue should actually not be released, especially as many problems especially with younger children are often not yet known. Unfortunately, the location of the station is also unfavorable, since it starts with the front part of the train, which means that people rarely move to the back.

After the train has been loaded and dispatched, the carriages start moving and leave the station building in a left-hand bend. After a small right-hand bend the lift hill follows, which is climbed relatively fast. After a short straight line, one leaves the lift in a sharply descending left-hand bend, followed by an elevated turn. Immediately after that, one enters a Bavarian curve-like course with quite high hills and deep valleys. Full of momentum, one now makes several short changes of direction and briefly crosses under the lift hill only to pass through a descending left helix shortly afterwards. Soon the brakes are reached and in a short left turn you return to the station, which you reach through a wall of fog.

The Cobra des Amun Ra is a straightforward family roller coaster with a great dynamic course and thus a pleasant interplay of accelerations. In contrast to the larger roller coaster of the same type TNT – Tren de la Mina from the Spanish amusement park Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, which is strongly based on the Youngster Coasters and thus on the competing product of the Mack company, the ride hardly gets lost in the directional changes towards the end of the ride, thus offering a better ride.  Only the lower capacity prevents several repeat rides.

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